Guangzhou Jinhong YY live “one billion subsidies” to promote the “yuan Poly symbiosis” plan

2022-06-08 0 By

Nowadays, digitalization is accelerating in all walks of life in the whole society, and big data technology is gradually falling into the ground in accordance with social development and consumer demand. Meta-universe and other related concepts have become the new trend of future development. As the frontier application field of Internet economy, live broadcasting industry bears the brunt of this digitalization trend.Recently, at the 2022 YY Live Broadcast Association Ecological Conference held by YY Live, a subsidiary of Guangzhou Jinhong Network Media Co., LTD., YY Live reviewed the past and looked forward to the future, depicting a magnificent blueprint for the future prospects of the live broadcast industry for us.At the meeting, YY Broadcast released the periodical data of guild ecological construction in 2021: Under the support policy of “one billion subsidy + one billion flow” of YY Live In 2021, the total number of YY live cooperation increased by 24%, the total number of star and gold artists increased by 18%, and the share for guild and anchor in 2021 exceeded 5 billion.In addition, with the deepening of the cooperation between YY Live and Baidu, the average PV of YY traffic imported by Baidu in 2021 reached 300 million/day, and the monthly distribution of short videos exceeded 100 million, becoming an effective way for YY anchors to realize value enhancement.In the field of Internet celebrity incubation and content creation, in 2021, the Internet celebrities under YY Live will add 71 million fans to the whole network, 8 Internet celebrities with the level of one million fans and 5 streamers with the level of ten million fans.A total of 110 songs were released throughout the year, 88 of which were original. Take dai yutong’s “come late” as an example. Within one month after the release of the new song, the topic play volume of douyin song exceeded 4.12 billion and the usage volume exceeded 720,000, ranking the TOP500 of kugou and the top of QQ music hot song/you musician list.With the release of 8.0 new version and the upgrade of hardware and software equipment, the live broadcast screen is clearer and the appearance level category is rising rapidly.2022, YY live in the continuation of “billion-dollar subsidies + billions of flow”, on the basis of supporting policies, open “yuan poly symbiosis” plan, through the refinement operation, regional management, service upgrade, cash on four means, further improve service quality and scale benefit, create more diverse, more innovative guild peer-to-peer support strategy.It will also launch the “Vientiane Plan”, focusing on the pan-life content. On the basis of the existing more than 60 categories, it will add finance, real estate, food, board games and other new categories. It will try pan-life live content, and explore the new attempts of its online celebrities in grass planting, shop exploring, dress, short plays and other tracks.It is worth mentioning that in addition to web celebrity hair for sowing and nurture, YY will live into the universe will also hand in hand to baidu when soil into yuan track and build a scene of multiple, changing images, immersive interactive experience of YY live yuan universe, became the first announced the universe into yuan broadcast platform, build new ecological anchor + web celebrity, yuan universe.