Heart!China’s national football team was defeated by Vietnam, the players bought luxury goods back home, women’s football team Wang Shuang late night training to strain

2022-06-08 0 By

Chinese football in 2022 is a mixed blessing.Let’s start with the happy things. As we all know, the women’s football team has won the Asian Cup.So far, more than $30 million has been disclosed, with an estimated $1 million for each player and coach.When Chinese football was at its lowest ebb, the Women’s football team won the Asian Cup, which gave confidence to all those engaged in the football industry.And let a person worry of nature is the national football team, when rise?National football team ahead of the elimination, no World Cup, this is expected, but it is estimated that Li Xiaopeng and Chen Xuyuan did not expect, national football team can 1-3 defeat to Vietnam, or on the first day of the New Year, irritating?The final result of the rhetoric before the match was to create a shameful record in the past 60 years. I don’t know what the national football team has practiced in the past. It is not good in physical ability, technology, cooperation, consciousness and effort, and it is reasonable to lose to Vietnam.Who will we lose to next, Myanmar?What makes it even more painful is that after China’s disastrous defeat to Vietnam, some players are buying luxury goods, perhaps to “celebrate” the temporary end of the round of 12, so they can have a good rest.It can be seen that on the day of China’s national football team’s defeat to Vietnam, on the bus, everyone was expressionless and playing with their mobile phones, while some players were browsing luxuries, which were nothing to them with an annual salary of millions.However, it is so tiring to buy things online right after a match that the Chinese players will probably go back to their hotel and fall asleep. Then the next day they will forget about 1-3 and go back to doing what they always do, practicing late at night.Almost impossible, and female football wang Frost’s growth experience, enough men’s team members learn to learn.In recent days, the king of the women’s core frost of junior high school coach Han Jian interview, talked about the king of frost was in pursuit of a dream, for my country, how much she used to suffer, anyone’s success is not achieved overnight, the women’s team behind glamorous, is their training day and night, while men’s soccer training behind glamorous is they are in a huge market of Chinese football,Without this market, if only look at the results, may not earn an annual salary of 500,000.”Wang Shuang is the hardest working one. He really loves football and sleeps with it.Now people are inseparable from mobile phones, and Wang Shuang will take the initiative to give me the mobile phone custody, put half a year how to use, because she wants to concentrate on practice.Remember one day, the lights on the playground did not turn on, I could not see people, and so I found her, she was in the playground training strain, Wang Shuang said, I can see the football on the line, can see the door to the dormitory on the line (do not need lights).Wang Shuang is the leader of the Chinese women’s football team. According to the official news, Wang Shuang is suspected to have a bone fracture. We hope she can recover well and continue to add luster to the Chinese women’s football team.The most painful thing about The Chinese national football team is not that they have no results, nor that they have been regressive, but that they seem to have no sense of guilt after losing.It’s as if they take high salaries for granted and support for granted.They probably know to try their best, but never know what is called “never give up”, they bury their heads in the “closed training camp” all day long, but, how many people can like Wang Shuang practice until late at night, for their real love of football and efforts?Football never cheats, you can tell by the result.