The supply of important daily necessities in Hohhot is sufficient and the prices are stable

2022-06-08 0 By

The reporter learned from the municipal Bureau of Commerce on February 18 that at present, the city’s rice, flour, oil, meat, eggs and vegetables and other important necessities of life market supply is sufficient, rich variety, stable supply, can meet the daily basic living needs of residents.According to the monitoring data, in recent days, the city’s four agricultural batch market vegetable channels smooth, adequate supply of vegetable market;The stock of rice flour oil can guarantee the normal supply of the market for more than three months, and the stock of meat, eggs and milk can guarantee the normal supply of the market for more than two weeks. In addition, nearly 500 tons of rice flour oil and more than 100 tons of meat, eggs and milk are purchased every day, which can guarantee the supply of the market.At the same time, the stock of 1,200 key supply terminals in the city increased from two days’ stock to about three days, further increasing the strength of supply allocation and transportation to ensure market supply.At present, the city’s farmers farmers market, supermarkets (convenience stores) and other enterprises normal operation, orderly, can fully meet the daily basic necessities of life to buy the needs of citizens.At the same time, it gives full play to the advantages of contact-free distribution of e-commerce and organizes 11 online platform enterprises such as Meituan Optimization, Shengtian Fresh and Pinduoduo to establish a docking supply mechanism with the closed management community to ensure residents’ living needs.