To protect children’s health, parents should be brave enough to say no to seven bad ways of teasing children at parties

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Chinese New Year, the party is essential, many adults like to tease children at the party, but the lack of necessary safety awareness and sense of propriety.In their eyes, it doesn’t matter what happens to their children as long as they make themselves happy.And parents, because they are all friends and family at the party, let down their guard and neglect to watch, resulting in harm to their children.So what inappropriate teasing behavior should parents watch out for during the Spring Festival holiday?Let’s take a look!A lot of male elders like to drink, but also like to drink for their children, not with chopsticks to dip some wine for the baby to lick, is to encourage older children to drink.In their words: to cultivate the child’s ability to drink from an early age, a lick is ok!Then he looked at his child crying and laughed, accusing him of not being a man.In fact, the harm of drinking is very great, alcohol is much more harmful to children than adults, serious words will affect brain development and even cause brain death.It is also common for children to have accidents caused by adults drinking alcohol. There was a 2-year-old child who died of respiratory failure after being tricked by relatives into drinking 2 ounces of liquor.So the Spring Festival dinner meet friends and relatives let their children drink, no matter who, for the sake of children’s health, please parents must refuse!Don’t make fun of your child’s health for the sake of face!Otherwise, the final injury is the child, regret is the parents!Two, give the child to smoke or smoke next to the child some elders like to amuse the child to smoke, some children are very young, but learn to adults diao a cigarette to smoke well, adults still think it is very interesting.Cigarettes are very harmful to children’s nervous system, respiratory system and circulatory system.In addition to smoking for children, some elders do not pay much attention to the harm of second-hand smoke to children. They smoke in the room at parties, whether there is a child or not, or hug and kiss children right after smoking.Chemicals and particulates from secondhand smoke can also be harmful to a baby’s health.So during the Spring Festival, parents should be brave to say no to relatives and friends who smoke around their babies when gathering, and strive to create a smoke-free environment for their children!Cute children are the focus of attention at Chinese New Year parties. Many people like to squeeze their children’s faces or kiss their mouths out of love, but they do not know that it will hurt their children.At present, parents should pay more attention to protect the health of their children. They should wash their hands before holding their children, and do not kiss any part of the baby, especially do not kiss the child mouth to mouth, so as not to transmit the virus or bacteria to the child.These viruses or bacteria may be harmless to adults, but deadly to children with weakened immune systems.And pinching the child’s face will make the child’s saliva secretion, resulting in skin allergies, saliva rash and even inflammation.So please refuse others to pinch their children’s face and casually kiss their children!Every family has a lot of fruits, nuts and snacks for the Spring Festival party. Warm-hearted elders always like to feed children, but some foods are not suitable for children!Do not give children food that is too large or too small, such as melon seeds, peanuts, longans, nuts, jelly, etc.It is recommended to cut large grains of fruit into small pieces before serving them to children.Avoid giving children fish that has not been spiced;Do not make your child laugh when eating to prevent food from slipping into the windpipe.Children should also pay attention to safety when eating, parents must be vigilant!Five, forced children to perform talent to the Spring Festival party, often elders heckle those who will play the piano, singing, dancing, recitation and other talents of the children to a section of a performance, and parents in order to compare or show off, also always agree.But please don’t force your child to perform a talent unless he wants to.Being able to do a talent show, and being willing to do a talent show are two different things.Forcing children to perform is a great disrespect to children, which will lead to anxiety, fear and even depression. It is not good for children!Six, random evaluation or belittle children New Year’s Day always some elders like to care in the name of the child comment: oh, how you are still so thin, certainly or picky food!No way!How are your exam results this term?Got a 100?What?Only 80 points, tut tut, how can you still be so stupid, not like your mother and father.Are you the class leader?Is not?That can’t, want to do well with classmate!Behind these seemingly caring words are the continuous denial and harm to children.Protect children’s mental health, maintain children’s self-esteem, please refuse friends and relatives to children’s arbitrary evaluation!Seven, deliberately hurt the child’s sense of security words some friends and relatives deliberately with strange questions for children, see the child can not answer for fun, or some children afraid of things, see the child cry to stop, or in order to let the child obedient, will say some words to intimidate the child.Like do you like your mom or your dad better?Your father likes your brother, not you!You were picked up from the trash, and if you don’t listen, they’ll throw you back!For adults this is just a joke, but for children it is a big thing, they believe the words of adults, because of fear, fear and lose a sense of security, leaving a psychological shadow.For the sake of children’s health, please parents brave to say no to these seven bad ways of teasing children!