After Tomorrow: Learn these organizing techniques so that one cabinet is better than six!

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Hello, the survivors, how to improve the storage capacity and the utilization rate of the Treasury has always been a discussion of the problem, today clearly invited Mr Small skin to look at the storage skills and vault transfer skills with us!Storage skills: If you want to fundamentally improve storage ability, it is recommended to fill up the basic storage and sorting master skills, which can increase the stacking number of all kinds of materials in the backpack and cabinet. Storage master essential skills!Increase the stack number of base items by fully tapping the Basic Storage ability, increasing the stack number of wood in backpacks and manor cabinets to 2000, stone stack number to 1000, and hemp stack number to 150.After finishing the Master skill, you can increase the stack number of sub-resources, food, fish, and resources sold in the camp store to 40.Skill of the Treasury: want to promote the Treasury receive ability, recommend upgrade furniture aggrandizement, find the Treasury aggrandizement inside manorial manager can see this skill.It is suggested that the furniture should be strengthened and promoted to the third level. The cabinet quantity that the Treasury can accommodate can be directly promoted to 195. Even the survivors who love hoarding will call out to be satisfied!Transfer skills — cabinet transfer: when the survivors want to transfer the manor cabinet into the Treasury, often found that some cabinets can not be moved, this is because these cabinets are made by roommates, only their own cabinets can be moved into their own Treasury oh.(the number of cabinets displayed in the manor) (the number of cabinets displayed in their own coffers) Cabinet differentiation: When the cabinets are recycled but unable to distinguish which cabinets are made by themselves, you can enter their own coffers and then open “build”, the number of cabinets displayed at this time is the number of cabinets made by themselves.Cabinet placement: It should be noted that when placing cabinets in the manor, the floor furniture will be placed first with your own furniture, and then with your roommate’s furniture.If you cannot place your own cabinet on the foundation, you can choose to put it inside the vault.If still appear unable to migrate, might be because the area of the vault, order is put into the vault tidy, still perhaps can put down again several cabinet oh ~ hang a wall cabinet you will need to set up empty in the vault ahead of metope to normal migration, flexible use of the upper space is also a good way to receive!That’s all about storage skills and vault migration, and any tips survivors would like to share are welcome to share in the comments section below