Update!!!Aliexpress EPR will adjust compliance and fulfill its obligations, and the platform will charge additional management fees for withholding and payment

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The European EPR policy must have been heard by all sellers. In the past two months, the COMPLIANCE requirements of the EPR have been adjusted from time to time.The French EPR has been increased from 7 to 9, and recycling companies have pre-charged a minimum recycling fee of 75 euros for French DEEE registration.Now AliExpress platform also has a new policy on EPR compliance requirements.Aliexpress’s new change is that the platform withholding will charge management fees, sellers need to pay attention to!As for the changes of EPR new policy, AliExpress recently required sellers to complete product compliance from January 1 this year to ensure compliance with extended producer responsibility requirements. Sellers who have not checked can click on the blue text – AliExpress France must register EPR for reading.Changes in COMPLIANCE requirements of AliExpress EPR According to the successive notices of AliExpress platform, producers involved in EPR category products that are first launched into the French market have three ways to fulfill relevant obligations of French EPR.The first type: the producer needs to obtain the EPR registration number, join the Producer responsibility organization recognized by the French government, and participate in the organizational governance.Transfer responsibility for waste prevention, management and recovery to PRS through environmental payments (ecological contribution/ecological fee).The second option is to establish and implement a separate waste prevention, management and recovery system.Third: AliExpress has added a new obligation to perform on behalf of the seller, withholding, but need to charge management fees.During the compliance period, if the seller fails to provide AliExpress with the unique valid IDENTIFICATION number of EPR, or fails to pass the audit due to inaccurate information.Based on the quantity of products in the seller’s shop, the platform will pay the corresponding EPR environmental payment to the Producer responsibility organization recognized by the French Government on behalf of the seller and collect the corresponding amount in order to comply with the French EPR compliance requirements.For management fees, 1% of the chargeback amount may be charged.Next, the company will offer a platform collection agreement to sellers, and in January this year, it will offer a platform collection information plan to stores that default to the platform collection.Note that xiaotong is following up the authenticity of this information. If there is any new information, the seller will be informed as soon as possible.However, according to the current TREND of EPR compliance registration, AliExpress is likely to implement it.So far, the French EPR has nine related categories, namely packaging, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, furniture, tires, paper, textiles, chemicals and medical piercing equipment for automatic processing.Sellers selling products into France, involving these 9 categories of goods or related waste, are required to comply with the EPR obligations.If the seller is not clear about which EPR category the product belongs to, he can add kXT-75 on wechat for more comprehensive product segmentation consultation.Now these three compliance solutions give sellers choices, which seem to have autonomy, but are actually affected by the mandatory new EPR regulations of the European Union.For sellers, the top priority is to complete THE EPR compliance registration and declare and pay.1. Determine which way to fulfill French EPR related obligations, such as joining the corresponding PRODUCER responsibility organization;Separate establishment and implementation of waste prevention, management and recovery systems;The platform withholds and pays the fees and charges management fees.2. Taking joining the corresponding PRODUCER responsibility organization as an example, the EPR registration number shall be obtained after the completion of the registration of the producer responsibility organization (if the product involves multiple categories, multiple EPR registration numbers shall be obtained);3. Provide the EPR registration number obtained from the PRODUCER responsibility organization to AliExpress for verification;4, according to the requirements of the PRODUCER responsibility organization, regularly declare the quantity and weight, and pay environmental protection payment.Note: EPR fees include registration fees and ecological contribution fees paid to different PRS.The ecological contribution fee is calculated according to the seller’s product category, sales volume and weight, and corresponding to the PRICE list of the PRODUCER responsibility organization.Tips: Xiaotong suggests that sellers prepare for EPR registration and declaration as soon as possible to avoid future problems.