Yangxin news: county law enforcement bureau opened the spring city appearance environment renovation curtain

2022-06-09 0 By

Since the 14th day of the city management system held to improve the work style, improve the quality of the city and the “ten” special mobilization meeting, the county town management and Law enforcement Bureau city appearance management and law enforcement team acted quickly, carefully organized, fully opened the city appearance environment renovation curtain.In order to improve the quality of the city and create a clean, orderly and safe urban environment for the citizens, the city appearance Management and law Enforcement Team followed the requirements of “urban mass management, urban fine management and urban intelligent management” put forward by the Party group of the Bureau, and took measures such as investigation, risk assessment and publicity.Around the city square, Lijiawan Farmers’ Market, Zhongbai Farmers’ Market, People’s Auditorium square, walking street and other difficult parts of the implementation of centralized remediation, and establish strict standards.In order to consolidate the long-term renovation results, the city appearance management and law enforcement brigade for lunch break, evening, weekend management gap period of the arrangement of a person on duty.In order to maintain normal management, we have adopted the methods of daily inspection and disposal, special personnel on duty, supervision and assessment to ensure seamless management.The follow-up will also carry out orderly renovation of other areas of the city, to ensure that a renovation, a standard, a long-term maintenance.It is understood that the crackdown in sorting out to ban cars as the city of trolley 65, withholding 8, correct specification out into illegal act 130, persuade vendors to city 68, clean up the outlaw night market shed some 13, demolition of roadway taking-up stalls 4, for in 2022 the county city management “top ten” special crucial action to carry out laid a good foundation.(Source: Yunshangyang New correspondent Xu Junxiao CAI Jianwei)