How much does the divorce case cost the court?

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Many litigants are very concerned about how much litigation costs they need to pay to the court after suing for divorce.According to the provisions of our legal costs to pay methods: “divorce cases pay 50 yuan to 300 yuan.If the total amount of property does not exceed 200,000 yuan, it shall not be paid separately.If the amount exceeds 200,000 yuan, 0.5% will be paid.”According to the above provisions, taking the divorce case of an ordinary family in Beijing as an example, the divorce lawyer thinks that the property usually consists of a house with a value ranging from 3 million yuan to 8 million yuan, which is calculated as 5.5 million yuan after compromise.The savings of the couple after marriage shall be calculated as 1.5 million yuan;The value of the vehicle after depreciation shall be calculated as 100,000 yuan;The rest such as stock, fund, endowment insurance individual burden part of the property by 500,000 yuan calculation.The total value of the property is $7.6 million.According to the aforementioned legal fee payment method after deducting the exemption amount of 200,000 yuan, it will be 7.4 million yuan.The 7.4 million yuan property is liable for 37, 000 yuan in legal costs.The total is 37,150 yuan, including the 150 yuan divorce fees charged by the Beijing District Court.However, in the actual litigation process, the parties may not pay the legal costs mentioned above in full.The reasons are as follows: 1, the legal costs in the divorce case are shared by the original and the defendant.It’s usually split equally, so it’s about 14,000 yuan per person.2. The legal costs mentioned above shall be borne by the parties when the court adopts the ordinary procedure.And a prosecution divorce case in the initial prosecution, the court will usually first by summary procedure.Summary proceedings are charged at half the cost.As long as the parties do not have a larger dispute, the case is not complex, in fact, the litigant personal cost is only 7 thousand yuan.Beijing divorce lawyer – marriage lawyer – divorce lawyer consultation however, according to the marriage lawyer for many years to handle the case experience that: in accordance with the above 2 kinds of pay legal costs of the situation is actually rare.The reason: Divorce cases brought to court are often contested and require a judge to make a decision.Therefore, the vast majority of divorce cases that apply summary procedure will be transferred to ordinary procedure to continue the trial before the final result.This lawyer needs to remind everyone that: the above legal costs are only the costs handed over to the court, as for legal fees, appraisal fees are not included.