The relationship between emperor Yongzheng and emperor Yuanyu Yao, ancient and modern legend, comparative analysis of their calligraphy, year victory

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Tianzhe press: a “Yongzheng Dynasty”, before and after, Tianzhe watched four times, which, the relevant interpretation of the video and watched dozens of episodes……In the drama, in addition to nine children seize the child, the most lively drama yongzheng emperor and the relationship between the emperor and the official……Looking back at the history, The year’s love yao is also a controversial character.An outstanding general, with strong ability and iron wrist, is a master of war through the ages. However, the strength in his character will become a weakness. He is rebellious and untandable, and his personality is too prominent, leading to the tragic end of “unwillingness and unsatisfactory”.Yongzheng?One emperor through the ages, qin Mian governance, wholeheartedly for the people, is also a matter of early conclusion!Today, I have nothing to do, comparing and analyzing the calligraphy of the two people, he is the king is the minister, here, as equals!First look at Yongzheng: to tell the truth, Yongzheng’s calligraphy is really not very good, belongs to the ordinary, if today, it was submitted to the national exhibition, the first round will not enter.If you insist on shuxie, provincial shuxie members can mix up!One, regular script is too positive, brushwork is also ordinary!Two, the word is more monotonous, uniform rectangle, square.Three, chapter and law, regular script almost no chapter and law consciousness, moving book a little, but also inadvertently brought out, many wounds!Four, not to mention the ink, black, bright!Five, smooth lines but soft!Compared with today’s calligraphers, kai, xing and grass are better than Su Shishu, but not as good as Sun Xiaoyun…Look at the New Year’s love: first, although the regular script is also the pavilion body, flat!Second, the running script has a bold and calm side, which is more powerful than yongzheng’s writing power…Three, the best cursive, delicate and delicate strokes, smooth and clever lines, run with dry, temperament and talent!Four, although clerical script is not much, but also has the skill, for it adds a lot!Fifth, no matter it is kai, xing, cao, or official script, the character style and style are stronger than Yongzheng.Day zhe personal point of view: although the history of the year’s love yao yong Zheng grant death, lost a game, but, from the handed down calligraphy, the year won yong Zheng, can be one of the high head, also be broken back a game!With years of rebellious, carefree character, in the spirit of heaven will squint Yongzheng: “The emperor, in their eyes, only military orders without the emperor, no, no, in calligraphy this piece, you in my below, below!”