Where are you going?Viya, Viya

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The world is changing fast and WESTLIFE is singing Ordinary Road in Chinese before I can sing English songs.After the adaptation of the ordinary road, the orchestration is thicker, with the blessing of harmony, the song is more full.Several big men sing Chinese songs, the words are basically clear, pronunciation is a little partial but basic can hear out.I believe westlife did not simply compare the pronunciation, they must have learned and deeply understood the lyrics of the song, otherwise they would not be able to sing the song.This song, Pu Shu is singing loneliness, WESTLIFE is singing the twists and turns of life I also thought, in the Chinese music circle sing high songs there are many, why did they choose this song?In fact, the answer may lie in the lyrics.From a boy to a man, this way, ups and downs, bumpy bumpy, lyrics into the heart of WESTLIFE.Yes, who never across the mountains and the sea, through the sea, who did not have all will have, in the twinkling of an eye are drifting like smoke, who never lost disappointed lost all directions.Wandering, I on the road who has not fallen into the endless darkness, want to struggle unable to extrabate themselves, who has not like you like him, like the wild flowers, who is not desperate, but also longing.Who has not ruined everything, just want to leave forever, just go forward, but do not know where to go.The wind has blown, the road is still far, your story to tell where to sing here, I suddenly understand.Each of us has stumbled our way through our youth, rebelled, struggled, braved and failed.Have seen the world, been to their own distance, always feel out of the ordinary, until the time wasted, covered all over with cuts and bruises, found that ordinary is the true meaning of life.This song, will experience into a story, a story will melt into shining lyrics, each of us at the time of singing, can see once young young yourself, in your mind and can’t help aftertaste, finally understand, everyone is not ordinary, but to ordinary, when you were still in fantasy, your tomorrow, eu, eu.