170 square meters practical home size, master bedroom balcony is so beautiful

2022-06-11 0 By

Appreciate a 170 square meters home practical door model today.This door model looks to let a person be full of joy at a glance, because no matter be door pattern optimization, or the space is generous in feeling, or the function is all ready respect, do very reasonable.Let’s take a look in detail.After the child mother door enters a door, it is a generous porch, the front side puts a shoe to wear, convenient store temporary shoe cap goods.A porch ark can also be put on the side, highlighted exalted savour.Through the hallway directly to the activity hall, the south opening of the living room reaches 4.3m, and it can also form a large horizontal hall with the teahouse, so the opening can reach 7.3m, and surrounded by double-sided daylighting balcony, and with water supply facilities, very convenient to grow flowers, leisure, vegetables, or coffee.Guest dining room north-south transparent, dining room and kitchen longitudinal arrangement, dining cooking moving line is very smooth.There is also a balcony off the kitchen that can be used as a temporary storage area for ingredients.There are three bedrooms in the rest area.The north and south bedrooms are a step away from the dry and wet separated public guard on the north side.There is also a mini storage room in the middle of the lounge area where treasures collected from all over the world can be conveniently placed to enhance the fun of the whole apartment.The 3.7m master bedroom, surrounded by balconies with light on three sides, is a luxury.There is a walk-in cloakroom in the middle, and a washroom with open Windows for dry and wet separation on the north side.How about the whole apartment?Do you feel like you can get above 95?