Longnan City Veterans Affairs Bureau on retired soldiers, other privileged groups of the outstanding certificate application work announcement

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Announcement by Longnan Veterans Affairs Bureau on application for Advanced Certificates for Ex-servicemen and Other entitled Groups: The application and issuance of advanced certificates for ex-servicemen and other entitled groups in the whole city has been officially launched on December 14, 2021.Courtesy card is the carrier of the holder show honor, enjoy the preferential treatment of certificate, issued by the department of veterans affairs, divided into “veterans courtesy card of the People’s Republic of China” and “martyrs, sacrifice a soldier of the People’s Republic of China, from military survivor courtesy card” two kinds, courtesy card type name was on the front, the basic information of the witness, photos, etc, is easy to identify,It also shows respect, and fully demonstrates the party and the government’s care and concern for the vast number of retired military personnel and other entitled groups.In accordance with the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Guarantee of Veterans”, “Management Measures on Outstanding Certificates for Veterans and Other Entitled Groups (Trial)” and relevant national regulations, the city will carry out relevant work in an orderly manner. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: The city will be arranged in accordance with the unified arrangement of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs and the Provincial Department of Veterans Affairs.The city will carry out the application for the honor certificate in early March 2022, and complete the application, production and distribution of the honor certificate by the end of 2022.At present, the city is coordinating business with cooperative banks, organizing and carrying out business training, system equipment upgrading and debugging, work preparation and other related work.Prior to the application, the applicant should complete the registration work in the place of residence registration (the attached list of materials is provided).After completion of the file, the applicant can apply for the honor pass.The personnel of the applicant’s domicile place in our city should apply to the township (street) of the domicile place of the ex-serviceman service station.Applicants whose domicile place is not in our city who need to pay the basic endowment insurance in their permanent residence for more than 2 years or have the real estate certificate of their permanent residence can apply for the certificate of honor in our city.Order of claim.The application process is conducted in a sequence in which the complete information files of demobilized soldiers and “three families” are first opened to the public, and then to other subjects.Application method.(1) On-site application.The applicant (including the guardian and trustee of the application on behalf of the applicant) carries the relevant materials to the hometown or the town (street) of the permanent residence of the ex-serviceman service station to complete the file card application.In order to meet the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and facilitate applicants’ time arrangements, applicants should be guided to make an appointment through the Internet in advance to avoid excessive concentration of personnel.(2) Online application.After the applicant completed by inputting tent card, can login veterans services via the Internet platform, submit an application online (https://fwpt.mva.gov.cn:9433/net-portal/login).(3) Household handling.Of JunXiu service management mechanism, glorious institute, such as relatively concentrated object, infirm and disabled disabled object or seriously ill, no ability to care and long-term bed is not convenient to field application of the relevant personnel, such as the I apply and their families, by the place the villages and towns (street) veterans service door handle, to provide door-to-door service.You can consult the local veterans Affairs Bureau and veterans service center (station) about the relevant policies for the application of honorable pass.Thank you for your understanding and support of our work. We will do our best to provide you with convenient, comfortable and enthusiastic services.Hereby announce!Service center for veterans at all levels in the city tel: longnan Veterans Service Center :0939-8211335 Wudu District Veterans Service Center :0939-5916001 Chengxian Veterans Service Center :0939-3225001 TANchang County Veterans Service Center :0939-6111002 Kangxian Veterans Service CenterThe veterans service Center of Xihe County :0939-6657868 The veterans service Center of Lixian County :0939-4479558 The veterans service center of Huixian County :0939-5938185 the veterans service center of Liangdang County :09Longnan Veterans Affairs Bureau, February 21, 2022 Annex List of materials provided by ex-servicemen and other entitled groups for the establishment of a file card(2) Household Register;(3) Employment transfer certificate, discharge certificate, army retirement certificate, demobilization certificate and other ex-servicemen’s identification materials;(4) Certificates of disabled servicemen of the People’s Republic of China, materials for receiving awards for meritorious service and other required materials or certificates;(5) Recent 1-inch full-face, bareheaded, white background color electronic id photo (specification: 352 pixels (w)*440 pixels (H), JPEG format, 300DPI resolution, 20K-50K).Two, the martyrs of the bereaved families, the bereaved families of soldiers who died in the line of duty, the bereaved families of soldiers who died of illness to file the required materials (1) identity card;(2) Household Register;(3) Certificates of martyrs, certificates of soldiers who died in the line of duty, certificates of soldiers who died of illness, etc.;(4) With martyrs, soldiers sacrificed in the line of duty, soldiers died of illness proof materials, including but not limited to: hukou village (community) neighborhood committee issued by the family relationship certificate, marriage certificate, hukou book (the applicant and martyrs, soldiers sacrificed in the line of duty, soldiers died of illness in the same hukou book), birth certificate, etc.;(5) Recent 1-inch full-face, bareheaded, white background color electronic id photo (specification: 352 pixels (w)*440 pixels (H), JPEG format, 300DPI resolution, 20K-50K).