Ningxia will moderately increase its medical insurance reimbursement rate this year

2022-06-11 0 By

On January 25, ningxia held the 2022 regional conference on medical security.Last year, Ningxia made every effort to ensure the implementation of medical insurance benefits, and the medical insurance benefits for urban workers and urban and rural residents remained stable.The actual reimbursement rate for hospitalized people who have been lifted out of poverty and those who have been monitored has remained stable at 87.2 percent.According to reports, the bottom line in my area, the level of medical insurance treatment protection continues to improve, to optimize the financing standard.We will seek financial support. In 2021, per capita government subsidies for basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents will increase by 30 yuan to 580 yuan per person.We have implemented the system of medical insurance treatment list for the whole region, and all the policies for 2021 over coverage have been sorted out and put in place.A total of 6.63 million people were covered by basic medical insurance, including 1.6 million employees and 5.03 million urban and rural residents. The coverage rate of low-income rural population reached 100%, and the goal of ensuring that everyone has medical insurance was basically achieved.We will promptly include the cost of having a third child in the coverage of maternity insurance.Medical insurance departments at all levels allocated a special fund of 384 million yuan in advance to cover the treatment costs of all COVID-19 patients, suspected patients and fever outpatients in The region.In terms of the cost of comprehensive vaccine protection, the total cost of novel coronavirus vaccine and vaccination in the five cities is 744 million yuan, and the cost of vaccine and vaccination is 650 million yuan, so as to achieve “money and vaccine”.The region has also lowered the price of nucleic acid tests three times, by more than 50%, reducing financial expenditure and the burden on the public, and effectively guaranteeing epidemic prevention and control.This year, Ningxia will not only implement the national centralized procurement of drug consumables, but also follow up the procurement of neighboring provincial alliances to expand the scope of centralized procurement, so as to reduce the inflated prices, reduce the pressure of fund payment and reduce the burden of patients seeking medical treatment.We will appropriately increase reimbursement rates within the scope of policy while ensuring mutual assistance for outpatient services and serious illness insurance benefits.(Reporter Pei Yan) source: New Information news watch live watch IPTV listen to radio mobile phones can be TV remote control!Long press the qr code of the picture to download “Yellow River Cloud Vision” APP