Spring Festival “healthy snacks”, ranked first!Sesame, peanuts have to step aside!It’s too sweet

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Nowadays, food and clothing are enough and living conditions are getting better and better. The choice of food has changed from “full” to “well” in my parents’ generation. No matter three meals a day or a variety of snacks, “health” has become the first choice!Chinese New Year, and to the children can open their stomachs to eat snacks, and then strict parents, when the Chinese New Year will also turn a blind eye to their children to eat snacks this thing, after all, it is Chinese New Year!How happy how come!Spring Festival “healthy snacks”, it ranks first!Sesame, peanuts have to step aside!So sweet!Meimei is the tail of the 1970s, our generation, when the choice of snacks was very limited, have a deep desire for candy, so that now, every year when buying New Year’s shopping, candy is still listed as “must buy”!New Year’s Day to eat some sugar, the New Year will be more sweet!Today’s candy is really full of beautiful things in eyes, packaging is also more beautiful than one, but eat to eat, in addition to sweet, there seems to be no special place, might as well do some kumquat candy bar!Kumquat is a symbol of good luck, wealth and wealth, so it has always been loved by people, many people give kumquat to relatives and friends, to express their good wishes and blessings.Kumquat is rich in vitamin C, has a very good beauty effect, kumquat made into candy, can not only alleviate greasy, but also promote digestion, qi appetizer.Big fish and meat are eaten during the Spring Festival, and kumquat candies are good for your health.It is not difficult to do, and the ingredients are relatively simple. If you like it, you might as well collect the ingredients: Kumquat 600 grams of rock sugar 100 grams of maltose 400 gramsFood material ready. Put kumquat in the water, add flour, rub the surface carefully clean. Out, cutting each use a toothpick or bit fruit fork will pick out. Will deal with good kumquat pour into the wall machine, add in rock sugar mixture, with the powder key, exquisite kumquat paste. Will play good kumquat puree with nonstick skillet, add maltose, constantlyStir and simmer until the water evaporates. Use a spatula to scoop up the kumquat paste and hang it upside down until it forms an upside-down triangle. Pour the mixture into a mold and setThis recipe is relatively easy, the most important step is the process of boiling sugar, the fire must be small, the whole process should keep stir-fry, to prevent sticking to the pan.Jam is sticky, so be sure to cool it thoroughly before slicing it. The sugar will keep for about a week.