The Start of Spring in 2022

2022-06-11 0 By

“Three days of the new Lunar calendar, the next morning solar term is the start of spring; a few days after the warm wind, all things will wake up in the long sleep. The anti-epidemic situation is expected to improve, people sing songs together smile; the land of China is peaceful, friends and relatives visit deep friendship. Ask me what language?According to the Lunar calendar, the start of Spring has already been three days, and the next morning (the fourth day of the Chinese New Year) is the start of spring in the 24 solar terms. In a few days, the warm spring breeze will slowly blow over and all things on earth will wake up from hibernation.With the weather warming, the outbreak of the situation will improve, hundreds of millions of people could safely together singing and dancing, and laughing. It looks like an ancient name for China of China, it is a peaceful, prosperous, happy New Year to each other between relatives and friends can make friendship deepened. Ask me what message is of the most popular this year? It is this: I wish you good luck this year, bonanza!