Zhangjiachuan county: strict law enforcement inspection for spring ploughing preparation escort

2022-06-11 0 By

Zhangjiachuan County rong Media Center (correspondent MAO Yuxia) At the beginning of the New Year, everything is updated.In the county up and down to promote the key period of agricultural and rural work, recently, Zhangjiachuan county bureau of agriculture and rural law enforcement personnel in-depth Zhangjiachuan, Longshan, Liangshan and other six towns of agricultural markets for special inspection, to ensure that agricultural efficiency, farmers’ income, rural green, provide strong law enforcement protection.Examination, execute the law personnel for the vast number of enterprises promote the seed law, the pesticide management ordinance, the fertilizer registration management measures “and other laws and regulations, popularize knowledge of agricultural materials ShiJia distinguishes the false, guide the agricultural materials production enterprises honesty legal management, advocating rational peasants buying, scientific use of inputs, improve the farmers and the consciousness of self protection.Inspect the seed reserve and filing of corn hybrids operated by all seed stores, the handling of business licenses for pesticides, veterinary drugs and feeds, the types of pesticides prohibited and restricted, the chemical fertilizers sold and the product inspection certificates.Supervise and rectify the problems found out on the spot.Through the special inspection, standardized the order of the agricultural resources management market in our county, purified the agricultural resources market environment, protected the legitimate rights and interests of farmers, and played a positive role in promoting the smooth spring agricultural production.Supervisor: Li Xia Editor: Bai Qiong