Feeling the warm spring | JiZhiBing commissar to enjoy this Christmas with a gleam of fire rescue personnel

2022-06-12 0 By

From January 31 to February 1, Political Commissar Qi Zhibing of Shuozhou Fire rescue Detachment visited the combat support brigade, zhenwu Street Special service Station of the Development Zone brigade, Jianshe Road and Fuxi Street fire rescue station of the urban brigade successively, visited the fire rescue personnel fighting in the front line, and conveyed the kind care and warm wishes of the Detachment Party Committee.JiZhiBing commissar, meanwhile, detailed understanding of the various units team management, fire prevention and control, combat readiness on duty during the Spring Festival, epidemic prevention and control, cultural activities such as performance report, field view the standardization construction, require each unit to keep in mind that “the whole land, emergency” mission, to the emergency rescue “main force, the national team” function orientation,We will do a good job of preparing for the holiday.At the same time, to adjust the festive meals, arrange colorful cultural and sports activities, so that all the fire rescue staff fully feel the warmth of the fire brigade family, and effectively implement the specific requirements of “grass-roots first, firefighters first”, see the effect.Then JiZhiBing commissar into the dining room, with a gleam of fire rescue workers and their families, family reunion dinner, New Year red envelopes, kind to ask firefighters and the family member’s daily life, work and family, on behalf of the detachment of the lunar New Year party committee delivered a warm speech, and to all my sincere greetings to all fire rescue workers and their families, and the New Year blessing,Thank firefighters family members on the cause of the fire support and dedication, encourage all the fire rescue personnel should continue to do not forget to beginner’s mind, keep in mind that the mission, with the fire of “belief” repeatedly refined through political concentration, strong professional confidence, roads, root fire team, always keep on the cause of fire rescue unlimited enthusiasm, do “night watchman” of the party and the people forever.