Tongzhou District Market Supervision Bureau customized service package to upgrade 15 measures to help the development of the city’s sub-center

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Recently, Tongzhou District Market Supervision Bureau issued the “Implementation Opinions on Further Serving the High-quality Development of Beijing Sub-Center”, detailing the list of 15 tasks to be completed this year.The Implementation Opinions cover five aspects: optimizing the business environment, creating a fair and equitable market order, deepening the construction of the integration demonstration zone in the three northern counties, strengthening intellectual property protection, and promoting the quality and upgrading of industrial development. Fifteen specific tasks have been finalized after detailed and decomposed.And the work content, work objective, work standard, responsible department and completion time of each task are clearly defined.It is understood that, in order to build a high-level business environment demonstration zone of the sub-center, to serve the high-quality development of the sub-center of the city.This year, we will usher in the business environment 5.0 reform, which will simplify the review and approval of social investment, strengthen joint punishment after the event, and strive to improve the level of smart government services.Comprehensively promote the construction of credit supervision system and mechanism, work hard on credit supervision in advance, carry out the credit commitment system, and strengthen the credibility education of business operators before admission.In the process of the implementation of credit supervision, promote the classification of credit risk management, make full use of information publicity, abnormal list, serious illegal and trust-breaking enterprises and other credit supervision means, strengthen the supervision of key groups.Efforts should be made to improve post-event credit supervision, deepen the application of enterprise credit information scenarios, and implement credit constraints and joint punishment in accordance with laws and regulations.The Deputy Center will set up a green channel for the registration of professional service institutions, support foreign investment in for-profit vocational skills training institutions, and increase the supply of international education and high-end medical resources.We will fully implement the system of pre-establishment national treatment plus a negative list for foreign investment, implement the system of fair competition and safety review for foreign investment in key sectors, and improve the business registration process for investors from Hong Kong and Macao.A sub-center of intellectual property Protection center will be set up in key parks (groups) within the “two Districts” to provide one-stop comprehensive services such as patent pretrial support, quick ipr protection, collaborative protection, navigation analysis and patent affairs consultation.We will actively strive to establish international professional institutions and service platforms such as foreign patent agencies and resident representative offices in the sub-center to provide services for enterprises.Benchmarking international strengthens intellectual property protection to promote the transformation of patents from incremental to qualitative, and supports and promotes the construction and growth of pilot and demonstration enterprises, competitive enterprises and high-tech enterprises of INTELLECTUAL property, so as to form a patent resource reserve with quantity, scale and quality advantages, and promote the quality and efficiency of enterprises’ inventions and creations.We will continue to promote the construction of intellectual property rights of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, strengthen the linkage with Tongzhou Park of Zhongguancun Management Committee, and promote rewards for the transformation of intellectual property achievements of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.The intellectual property insurance business will be carried out in the sub-center to provide personalized financing services suitable for science and technology enterprises.We will promote financial services for intellectual property.We will establish and improve a diversified investment system with government funds as the guide, enterprises as the main input, and various financial institutions actively participating.Support banks, securities, insurance, trust, venture capital, venture capital and other related institutions to provide intellectual property financial services for enterprises.Bank-enterprise and government-enterprise matchmaking meetings will be held to build Bridges for communication and docking between financial institutions, government functional departments and enterprises.With the three Northern counties to achieve “inter-provincial access” and “colleagues with the same standard”, the three Northern counties continued to promote the construction of inter-provincial license management system and mechanism for market supervision, improve the convergence and mutual recognition of systems and rules, and accelerate the process of regional market integration.We will advance the implementation of the market access coordination mechanism, promote the integration of government services across the Internet, across provinces, and under the same standard. We will deepen the application of electronic licenses and data sharing, fully leverage the role of the bridgehead for market oversight in promoting the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and open up new prospects for integrated development.We will give full play to the leading role of standardization.Steady progress will be made in the construction of national-level standardized pilot projects. In 2022, the sub-center will complete the assessment and acceptance of the Tongwulang Coordinated and Interconnected National basic public services pilot project, thus boosting the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.We will launch a district-wide campaign to meet standards and improve standards, encourage enterprise standards to be created and innovated, guide enterprises to keep up with international standards, and help improve the quality of products and services.Enterprises are encouraged to take the initiative in formulating and implementing advanced standards, and strive to become “leaders” in enterprise standards.To justice fair and orderly market order to build the new supervision law enforcement collaboration system specification, continue to promote “Internet + regulation” informatization construction, continuously improve market remote monitoring command platform system construction, and to implement analysis, strategy, enterprise self checking, on-site inspection and tracking effectiveness, closed loop regulation, strengthen the wisdom of the market regulation, precision level.We will combine inclusive and prudent oversight with stronger law enforcement in key areas.On the premise of keeping the bottom line of safety, we will exercise inclusive and prudent supervision over market entities in the construction of the “four New economy” and the sub-center of service and guarantee. On the basis of further expanding and updating the items in the list of error tolerance and correction, we will not penalize some minor illegal acts based on law enforcement practices.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wang Wei Correspondent Pan Ruochun editor/Tan Weiping