After returning to China, a female student who claimed that the air in the United States is good has been walking her dog at home

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After the living conditions become better, more and more students have the chance to go abroad for further study, but after they graduate, some students choose to stay abroad for their development.In fact in the past, some of the strength of colleges and universities, in order to cultivate more excellent talents, will give some good students the opportunity to go abroad for further study, in order to let them can learn more knowledge, to give their credentials on a layer of gold plating, good return for their country to make a little contribution, so don’t waste the country’s culture.But as the country is getting stronger and stronger, people’s life came up, the economic conditions of students studying abroad has been difficult to fail, as long as money can go abroad for further study at any time and place, the graduates topped 9.09 million in our country, more and more severe employment situation, choose to go abroad in order to give oneself increment advantage, in return, on the job will be more easier.But there are also some international students who choose to live abroad, for their choice, no one has the right to judge, they have the right to choose, but for those graduates who slander their country in foreign countries, it makes people angry, so they get a lot of abuse.Female students said that “the United States air good” back home, always can’t find a job, walk the dog at home every day as a Chinese, pay attention to filial piety, “hundred good filial first” as we would like to say, is gratitude to parents, to help his people to know appreciate, such ability can get more recognition and support, also gets good reputation, so as a student,After years of education in the motherland, parents even support students to study abroad. Finally, students learn to forget their own motherland, and even slander their own country, which makes many people can not understand.The student is Yang Shuping. Her commencement speech at the University of Maryland attracted a lot of attention. In the beginning, she explained why she came to the University of Maryland, mainly because the air here is sweet, which is actually a kind of praise for the culture of this place.But after she’s words, let a person shock, she compare the United States and China, said his city is not wearing a mask will get sick, will complement environment very well in the United States, to China, this has caused great debate, even before she in school also issued for information, deliberately said the air here is very good.She let a lot of people are unhappy, she is also in the public opinion, under the attack of netizens, she is aware of the seriousness, then post apologized, don’t look at her surface very sincere apology, but she has always been the resentment, haven’t too much for a long time, she and post said that America’s air is really good ah, I’m going to get American green card, don’t envy me.She also replied to the bottom: go to death you, this let all people subvert the three views, this is the so-called quality of high degree graduates, all people were deceived by her confession, exposed their most real ideas, there are many people in see her this ugly face, let people pour down their appetite.She thought she would have been in the United States, as a result she ushered in the karma, she was fired because contend with foreign colleagues, and even abroad are not willing to continue to visa for her, finally she had to leave the United States, she went to South Korea to hit a wall everywhere, no one is willing to use her, finally she returned to the motherland, the Chinese is to abandon her,She has not been employed by any company until now, and now her current situation is even more miserable. She lives a life of an elderly person and has nothing to do all day, killing time by walking her dog at home.What does our country have the overseas student that goes abroad for advanced study returns home to develop, what contribution did they make again?Tsinghua yao class, everyone should know it is run by yao period wisdom, yao period wisdom was Harvard University to study in the United States scientific research technology and theory, and finally he returned home, in order to develop a computer talent, has organized many excellent students, let them have a strong scientific research ability, and finally achieved very high achievement, become the leader of the global computer industry.Some graduates who have studied abroad have chosen to start their own businesses after returning home. They have been specializing in the field of science and technology, and have developed some advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence arithmetic and face recognition, which have brought fun to our lives and made our travel more convenient.There are also some overseas students who give up their future development and choose to return to their motherland to make a contribution to education, so they go back to their hometown as a teacher to teach students more knowledge. There are also many students studying abroad who have ideals in their hearts and never forget their original aspiration.The author would like to say: in the process of growing up, students will always meet many things, everything they meet and everyone will enrich their life, so as a teacher and parents should set up a good value concept for students, so that they will become more excellent.Learning stage students, to know the importance of learning, to develop good learning habits early, have a strong learning ability, do not waste their precious time, learn from excellent people, move forward in a good direction, to lay a firm foundation for their future, so that the development will be better and better.Topic of the day: What do you think of overseas students not returning to China for development?Do you think it necessary to strengthen patriotic education?