Does Dong Mingzhu think individual tax threshold is too low?How much does the whole country have monthly income of 5000 yuan?The answer is surprising

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Paying taxes is the duty of every citizen, because we live in this country and are protected by the country. In order for the government to have enough foundation to maintain the operation of the economic system and develop better and better in the future, it needs to be supported by every citizen paying taxes.According to statistics, in 2021, China’s total tax revenue is up to 17.2731 billion yuan, distributed to individuals, in 2021, the per capita tax amount is almost 10,000 yuan or so.Trillions of tax seems to be very high, but in this tax, the majority of the proportion belongs to the enterprise income tax, personal income tax only occupies a very small part.Personal income tax is based on the taxes that each person must pay after working in China and receiving salary. In 1981, China’s personal income tax line was 800 yuan, meaning that when the monthly income exceeded 800 yuan, one had to pay certain taxes to the state.At that time, China was just starting and the social and economic situation was not very good, so there were not many people who could earn 8 million yuan per month, and the total annual tax revenue was only 5 million yuan.After decades of rapid development, China’s overall domestic economic level has not only made a qualitative leap, at the same time, various policies have been improved for many times.Between 2006 and 2018, China’s individual tax threshold was adjusted from 1,600 yuan to 5,000 yuan.If a person earns more than 960,000 yuan a month, the tax rate will be as high as 45 percent, meaning she will have to pay nearly half of her income in taxes.As the saying goes, “people die for money, birds die for food”, the money in the pocket, no one wants to hand it over, which has formed a lot of rich people in recent years began to try their best to avoid the situation.Before also had the professional personage to the individual tax pays the group to do the survey, according to the survey result, pays the individual income tax the group almost is the salaryman.Many people will be curious, those entrepreneurs are also individual groups, they earn so much money every year, the individual need to pay a lot of taxes should be, but why are many rich people exposed in the media tax is not very high?The reason is simple: the rich are rich because they are smart. They know that the proportion of personal income tax is very high, while the proportion of corporate income tax is relatively low, so they try to set up their own companies.They then spread their wealth among small businesses so that they can only pay taxes in the name of the company, perfectly avoiding the high rate of personal income tax.In the past, news broke that fan Bingbing, Viya, and other Internet celebrities had evaded taxes, among which Viya, as a hostess, had evaded taxes amounting to 600 million yuan.The fines she had to pay amounted to 1.3 billion yuan, which shows just how much she evaded tax.Second, Dong Mingzhu said that the standard of low tax standards is too low, the direct result is that people living at the bottom of the society have become the main group of tax, 5,000 yuan tax standard, just for those positive young people.According to relevant data in recent years, most people in China work in private enterprises. In general, the treatment of private enterprises is far better than that of state-owned enterprises. As a result, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Xizang and Zhejiang are the only regions where the annual average salary exceeds 60,000 yuan.In response to this phenomenon, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics also conducted a data survey combining offline and online. According to the survey results, the number of tax payers in China has decreased significantly since the tax standard was raised to 5,000 yuan in 2018.Beijing Normal University, which followed the report released by Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and also conducted a social and economic survey, said only 71.82 million people in China earn more than 5,000 yuan a month.71.82 million people may seem like a huge number, but it accounts for less than 5 percent of China’s billion-plus population.In other words, if you earn more than 5,000 a month, you are already beating 95% of the population in terms of income.And influenced by social and economic environment now, young people’s pressure is very big, was occupied by work time almost every day, to pay not only for their own and family life, while also raising children, parents, if to pay certain taxes, this undoubtedly is a huge blow for the contemporary young people.Dong Mingzhu has publicly said in the media that she thinks the tax standard of 5,000 yuan is too low given the current development trend of society, and should be raised to 10,000 yuan.In addition, Dong mingzhu also thinks the individual income tax rate should be raised to 50 percent. In her opinion, the economic pressure on the young at the bottom should be eased, while the rich should pay more.The country is also well aware of the defects of the current tax collection, in 2019, the country has carried out a perfect measure for personal income tax, that is, the annual statistics and summary of personal income tax, and then according to the specific taxes paid each year to implement the policy of “more refund and less compensation”.Because the employees working in the enterprise, the way they pay taxes are generally paid by the company, and the company in order to avoid mistakes, under normal circumstances is to pay a little more tax.For example, an employee’s annual tax is only 3000, but the company will pay more taxes to avoid errors, resulting in an annual tax of 4000 or more.The state introduced the policy of “more refund and less subsidy” in order to accurately calculate the accurate amount of individual income tax that each person should pay every year.If the amount calculated is 1000 yuan more than the receivable taxes and fees, the state will return 1000 yuan to the personnel’s salary account, if the amount calculated is 1000 yuan less than the receivable taxes and fees, in order to avoid being included in the list of tax evasion, the personnel should timely pay 1000 yuan of personal tax.In fact, the total amount of taxes paid is not much compared with the total income of the taxpayer, but there is no way to find a relatively fair scheme in terms of tax payment.In fact, there are not a few people like Viya who evade taxes, but many are so clever that they go undetected.Now a lot of phenomenon in the society is that those who contribute the most, work the most hard, hard labor, but pay the most proportion of taxes and fees.Compared with these down-to-earth strivers, those who are opportunistic, their means of making money are relatively easy, because they get money in dirty ways, some of them even don’t have to pay taxes.However, if we want to make our country more prosperous, we should suppress this evil trend and focus on the construction of science and technology and people’s livelihood. After all, the labor force that can promote social development is the key to the rapid development of our country.