Simple and practical identification method of Poria cocos

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Poria cocos is a kind of poraceae fungus.A poria cocos can be divided into three kinds of herbal medicine: poria cocos skin, poria cocos and Fu Shen.Poria cocos are mainly produced in Anhui, Hubei, Henan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan;In addition, Shanxi, Zhejiang, Fujian and other places also have production.Among them, cultivated poria cocos are of the best quality produced in dabie mountain area of Anhui province, which is usually called “An Poria cocos”.Yunnan is the best place to produce wild poria cocos, we used to call it “cloud poria cocos”.Poria cocos is processed into two shapes, block or flake.How do we buy poria tuckahoe in our life?First of all, we have a look at the characteristics of poria cocos.Tuckahoe surface is slightly rough or flat, texture is harder, chewing sticky teeth.With solid weight, skin color brown, skin lines fine without cracks, white and delicate section, strong adhesive teeth quality is better.So in practice, how do we identify the authenticity of poria cocos?Here are three simple ways to do it.1. Blister method.It is best to cook in a pot while soaking fake poria, many of which are made of flour or starch, quickly unravels and dissolves.Real poria cocos do not scatter.2. Chew with your teeth.Take a poria cocos into the mouth with teeth chewing, real taste poria cocos more sticky teeth.False poria cocos are loose when put in mouth.Tuckahoe block 3. Look at the dust shedding of Tuckahoe.Take a poria cocos and rub it on the cement floor. The real poria cocos will leave no trace. The fake poria cocos will draw a white line.Or it is to take a tuckahoe to scrape method with nail cap;Authentic poria cocos can not fall off with fingernail, and false with fingernail dust is easy to fall off.Thanks for watching!Leave a comment in the comments section!Keep an eye on me!More exciting next time!