The power of “Together for the Future” is unstoppable

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Beijing, February 8 (Xinhua) — The power of “together for the future” is unstoppable Zheng Hangen, Xinhua News Agency reporter The Beijing Winter Olympic Games are in full swing.The eyes of the world are on Beijing, and people feel the joy and passion brought by the Winter Olympics. They also express their admiration for China’s hosting of the Winter Olympics on schedule and at a high level despite the challenges posed by the epidemic.The smooth progress of the Beijing Winter Olympics is also a strong response to the attempts of some international forces to politicize sports and incite conflict and confrontation.The New York Times recently commented that “The 2022 Winter Olympics are already a victory for China”.In fact, the splendid Beijing Winter Olympics is a victory for all people who love peace and pursue solidarity, cooperation, common development and progress.Nearly 3,000 athletes from 91 countries and regions participated in the games, and some countries sent delegations to the Winter Olympics for the first time.About 170 official representatives from nearly 70 countries, regions and international organizations attended the event, including more than 30 heads of state and government, speakers of parliament, members of important royal families and heads of international organizations.Their arrival, with confidence in China’s successful hosting of the Winter Olympics, also shows the world that the power of defending the Olympic spirit and “together for the future” is unstoppable.”I am confident that China will host this world sports event at the highest level.” “The importance of the Beijing Winter Olympics to the world is self-evident.” “China’s strong message calling for peace and unity has been heard around the world.”Russian President Vladimir Putin, Argentine President Fernandez, Monaco’s Head of State Prince Albert II and other foreign political leaders expressed their sincere wishes for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and highly recognized the significance of this event in building confidence in the international community.At present, the shadow of COVID-19 is still looming over the world, and various global challenges keep emerging.In the face of many challenges, confidence in overcoming difficulties is more precious than gold.The successful holding of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games as scheduled despite various difficulties has inspired the confidence of the international community to defy wind and rain and overcome challenges, and conveyed people’s yearning and expectation for a better post-epidemic world.In the face of many challenges, it is vital for the international community to work together.At a time when a few political forces in the world are trying to create confrontation, efforts to bridge differences and strengthen exchanges are particularly valuable.The participation of the international family in the Winter Olympic Games and the participation of the international family in the Olympic spirit will undoubtedly help the international community build strength to transcend differences and move forward together.As UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, the world needs a successful Winter Olympics to send a clear message that people of any country, nation or religion can transcend their differences and achieve unity and cooperation.As the first global comprehensive sports event to be held as scheduled since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Beijing Winter Olympics has witnessed the spirit of deeds, the power of rain or shine, and the sincerity of the Chinese people to promote global solidarity and cooperation and the international community to “move forward together into the future”.The call of “Together for the Future” has gone through mountains and rivers to build consensus of peace and unity.All over the world, enthusiastic people wish the Beijing Winter Olympics well.Vladimir Vorobyov, a retired Russian military doctor, wrote songs for the Beijing Winter Olympics to cheer on Olympic athletes.On the 187-meter-high Cairo Tower in Egypt, words and patterns such as “Beijing Winter Olympics” and “Beijing 2022” announce the arrival of the games to the local people…Different snowflakes converge in Beijing, becoming a common snowflake of mankind.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, a warm symbolic picture, vividly depicts the universal aspirations of people around the world.Division and confrontation lead nowhere, and unity and cooperation is what the people want.At the Beijing Winter Olympics, athletes of different colors, races and countries competed together, presenting a touching story of mutual respect and equal exchanges, and rallying countries around the world to weather the storm and forge ahead into a stronger future.(after)