What was the real Wu Song like in history?And he shall be praised of all nations

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Wu Song, the tiger – fighting hero of the Water Margin, is a household name.In real history, there really is such a wu Song.Although he did not go out when the head tuo, but once really hit “tiger”.Moreover, he also had a lawsuit because he beat a tiger, which ended in a dismal end.What’s going on here?According to historical records such as Zhejiang Tongzhi, Wu Song was born in Xingtai, Hebei province in the second year of the Northern Song Dynasty (1055 AD).He was indeed an upright fighter, who earned his living by busking.Later, he met Song Jiang, 18 years his junior, and the two became bosom friends.Later, The Song River set off chaos, was defeated by Zhang Shuye and surrendered.The whole process, Wu Song seems to be not involved.Only know that later, Wu Song moved to Hangzhou Yongjinmen outside, continue to abandon the ground.One day, Gao Quan, a magistrate of Hangzhou, went out on a patrol. He came across Wu Song. He thought wu Song was a handsome man with an unusual appearance and good martial arts skills.Wu Song was a man of all corners of the country.So Wu Song soon became the head of the yamen.He rose through the ranks, even reaching the post of Tihar.There was a serious conflict among officials in the Song Dynasty, especially after Emperor Huizong came to power. The conflict between the conservative Yuanyou party members and the new party became increasingly fierce. Gao Quan was probably a Yuanyou party member, so he was pushed out of the official circle.And the trusted wu Song of high authority, follow naturally also be dismissed.As the leader of the new party, CAI Jing seized power and appointed his son CAI Yun as the governor of Hangzhou.CAI Yun, who has neither talent nor virtue, began to misbehave at the very beginning of his appointment.The northern Song dynasty at that time popular flower stone, such as stripping means, CAI Yun estimated that there is no less dry.Hangzhou, heaven on earth, was in chaos under his governance, and the people complained, secretly called him “CAI Hu”.At this time, Wu Song was already an old man of nearly seventy years, and he had a state pension to take, so he could live in peace.CAI Hu again crazy, also did not cause what direct blow to him, Wu Song can completely no matter what.However, the moral heart of a warrior let him not ignore.So, like wu Song in Water Margin, he began to plan an assassination.”CAI Hu” defense is more rigorous, but his bodyguards, but few of the sharp-eyed people.Every day Wu Song walked behind them with a sharp blade, but none of them seemed to notice.Finally, one day, these bodyguards appear collective lax.Wu Song seized the opportunity, came forward a knife results “CAI Hu”.Instead of running away, he was willing to be caught and put in prison.To kill an ordinary man in broad daylight, one needs to pay for his life, let alone the son of the prime minister of the dynasty!Originally Wu Song was already a capital crime, but CAI Jing felt that beheading did not solve the hatred, let a person bribed the prison guards, wu Song mutilated to death.But the eyes of the people are clear.After The fall of CAI Jing, the people of Hangzhou, in appreciation of Wu Song’s good deeds, spontaneously donated money to build a tomb for him and set up a tombstone.Today’s Wu Song tomb, just beside the West Lake, attracts a large number of people every day to pay their respects to him.Because he killed “CAI Hu”, he became the legendary “Fighting tiger Wu Song”.