Yangjiang fried rice cake: the hometown flavor of Moyang

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Fried rice cake is the earliest root of New Year flavor in the hearts of yangjiang people.Do you know how to make fried rice cakes?Today, the Municipal Propaganda Department and Yangjiang Lianxiang Food Co., Ltd. jointly carry out the flour crisp production activities, we go to the scene to experience.Fried rice cake, commonly known as fen-su, has a history of more than 100 years. Together with Foshan Blind gong cake, Zhongshan almond cake and Xiqiao flatcake, it is collectively known as guangdong’s “four famous cakes”.Yangjiang fried rice cakes are usually made of fried rice flour with sugar, peanuts and thin fat pork as fillings. The skins and fillings are filled in wooden cake molds, and then the rice cakes are punched out with hard energy and ready to be baked.The finished fried rice cake has an attractive golden color and a mellow taste.Student: I think fried rice cakes are crispy and delicious.Fried rice cake embodies special culture and heritage, which makes it feel like home.In the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China, yangjiang city had more than 20 “cake shops” specializing in the production of flour cakes.Development so far, powder crisp has become a generation of moyang children in the heart of the home flavor.Every Spring Festival, with homesickness and care of the wanderer can’t wait to taste not only the delicious fried rice cakes, and which wrapped in alligator city taste.This is the most profound and primitive dependence of yangjiang people on nian and home.People feel the cohesion of local customs in the scenery, but also look forward to the New Year in the warmth of the New Year.Wu Ruilian, chairman of Yangjiang Lianxiang Food Co., LTD. : We hold such activities mainly want to pass on the folk fen-su culture, the inheritance of such culture should start from childhood friends, let them have such understanding: the original fen-su is made in this way, know our Yangjiang characteristics.On February 9, Zhang Chunshan, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee and commander of yangjiang Military Sub-region, led a team to Yangchun city to check the conscription physical examination work.Reporter this morning from the city social department to understand, the current shortage of labor in our city enterprises over 20,000 people, this spring, the bureau will…Source: Yangjiang Radio and Television Station