Year six, 66 dashun, I wish you everything smooth

2022-06-13 0 By

The sixth day of the New Year, usher in the year of six, six, 66 dashun, in this auspicious day, sincerely wish you: career, work, feelings, life, everything smooth, smooth dangdang!Year six, 66 dashun, I want to send you six shun: work shun, promotion pay;Life is good, rich and comfortable;Feeling shun, sweet;Marriage, long long long;Go out smoothly, bon voyage;Exchequer shun, get rich every day!The sixth day of the year, smoothly, the sixth day of the year, the blessing sent out.I wish a successful career;Two wish a smooth and harmonious family;Three wish smooth progress in school;Four I wish a smooth harvest of wealth;Five wish a healthy body;Wish you a safe journey!The sixth day of the year, good luck, everything can smoothly dangdang.In this auspicious day, sincerely wish you: happy life, sweet feelings, health and peace, contentment.Wherever you go, you have a smooth journey. Whatever you do, everything goes smoothly.Year six, everything goes smoothly, smoothly dangdang, in this happy and beautiful day, I hope every one of you: career is smooth, thriving;The family is smooth, hehemumu;The body is smooth, healthy;The mood is smooth, happy;Fortune is smooth, make a fortune every day;Life is smooth, no disaster no disaster!My dear friends, the sixth of the year, the sixth of the year, the sixth of the year, the smooth dangdang.On this auspicious day, no matter how many blessings you receive, I would like to send my blessing again.I wish you and your family and friends, in the days ahead: smooth sailing, everything is going well, a smooth year, smooth sailing every year!