Booming!Shushan is a popular place

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With the improvement of consumption level, consumption mode is also changing, experience first, then order has become a new consumption trend.Recently, the reporter walked into the shushan district jingdong electric super experience store (hereinafter referred to as “Jingdong Super body Hefei store”), the New Year consumer market is booming, new consumption is leading consumption upgrade.As a key trading enterprise in Hefei city, the store does not close during the Spring Festival holiday, fully stocked, seized the opportunity to consume before and after the festival, ignited the enthusiasm of citizens.During the Spring Festival, jingdong Super Body Hefei store has a strong Spring Festival flavor. Various exciting Spring Festival themed activities are staged in the store in turn, attracting a large number of consumers to the store.”The Spring Festival is the first wave of consumption this year, the public consumption enthusiasm is high, to ensure that consumers have a good shopping experience, we not only launched a series of promotional activities, but also prepared sufficient supplies in advance, store staff flexible scheduling, take turns to work.”Wang Chunlin, the person in charge of the store.In the super experience store of JINGdong Electric Appliance, a large number of offline consumers came to experience and buy all kinds of trendy electric appliances.In the face of the upcoming new wave of consumption after the festival, Jingdong Super body Hefei store to do a good job in advance planning, extensive publicity, for a new round of promotion “warm up”.”With the resumption of production in all walks of life during the Spring Festival, we have entered the traditional peak season of 3C product consumption, which is also the stage of our annual promotion activities with the greatest intensity. Since the Spring Festival holiday, sales of mobile phones, computers and tablets have increased significantly.”Wang chunlin said, “In response to this situation, we prepared enough supplies in advance, and the store resumed normal business hours on February 7, and all the employees came to their posts one after another.”New Experience promotes consumption Upgrading Since the establishment of JINGdong Super Sports in Hefei, it has brought different consumption experience to citizens and promoted consumption upgrading.On the morning of February 11, In the balance car experience area of the store, Mr. Xiong was taking his son on the spot for a test ride. Under the guidance of the assistant, Mr. Xiong’s son soon mastered the balance key and could operate alone after a few laps.”I came here for the first time today to buy a balance car for my son. It was a great immersive experience, new and fun.””Said Mr Bear.In the super experience store of JINGdong Electric Appliance, a large number of offline consumers came to experience and buy all kinds of trendy electric appliances.As an offline experience store, JINGdong Superbody Hefei store adopts the online and offline service model with the same price and quality.”The price and quality of products purchased in the experience store are consistent with those on””Said Mr Bear.At present, jd Hefei store can sell 200,000 items of products through all channels, operate more than 120 domestic and foreign brands, and set up 11 theme scene experience areas and 33 product interactive experience areas.VR interactive experience area “as the first, the second in the east China region jingdong electric super experience store, store opening operation effect is very good so far, we have not only the latest and the most cool products will first introduce the super body experience for the vast number of consumers, jingdong logistics will also be introduced, jingdong financial and Beijing east big customer service, etc., enrich the experience shop service content.”They also pay attention to these 1.District party committee secretary hai-xia wang spring visit jurisdiction enterprise 2. Change a style for practical and optimal environment | listen to advice face to face, a solid solution problem 3.The construction of Shushan District is moving forward rapidly and vigorously.This community in Shushan district was rated as a national fully employed community