Come and see!Home life of students in Zhangjiakou and Qizhen

2022-06-14 0 By

The impression of the holiday is always full of happy unforgettable memories, every holiday to, will put all the troubles and depressed mood into the trash can, good rest and play, full of electricity to yourself, enjoy the happy time of the holiday!With the arrival of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, we as Chinese, heart is really very proud and proud.Zhangjiakou Qizheng students in order to better build a strong body, moral, intellectual, physical, American labor and comprehensive development, do not forget to exercise during the holiday!Holiday handicraft exhibition, I am a small craftsman winter vacation leisure, might as well move to do some handicrafts.Let’s take a look at the works of this little craftsman and embark on a journey of beauty together.Happy holiday to do some housework, I for parents burden reduction during the vacation, we should not only enjoy the life, more for family to share some simple household chores, which not only can help mom and dad alleviate some burden, still can exercise our ability, can also be learning every day, just rest your brain, regulate brain function, is beneficial to our health!