Generous subsidies!Help Xiamen takeaway riders stay in Xiamen for the New Year

2022-06-14 0 By

In Xiamen, many riders choose to stay on duty for the Spring Festival.You may not know who he is, but at any age, you can call him “little brother.”You couldn’t see his face wrapped in a mask and helmet, but you could get a comforting takeaway from him, morning or night.Meituan rider He Zhixing, who is from Zhangpu, told reporters that he would spend the Spring Festival in Xiamen with his family.Meituan food delivery told reporters that the proportion of xiamen takeaway riders returning home is not high this year, and a considerable number of riders choose to stay on the job for the Spring Festival, to ensure the livelihood of citizens.”Last year, I became a father with the arrival of a baby pig into my family.”Ye Xinchun, a rider who remains in the post, said that after work, the main task is to take care of the children.Children more noisy, midnight as long as a cry, he will get up to change diapers, bubble milk powder.”I can say that the biggest achievement is my son.In order for him to grow up healthily, I am willing to pay more and earn money to support him.””The company’s Spring Festival benefits are good. I will stay in Xiamen to earn more money.We riders also basically choose to continue to run single.Life at home has improved a lot during these years of riding.We want to buy a new house in Xiamen and settle down here.”Ye xinchun said with a smile.Meituan subsidy policy in xiamen Encourage riders left mansion in order to ensure people life convenient during Spring Festival, New Year Meituan take-out announced that the Spring Festival for seven days will be to provide 550 million yuan of subsidies to leave a post rider, at the same time also in xiamen also issued a series of subsidies policy, encourage everyone to stay in the local Chinese New Year, such as leave post subsidies, the Spring Festival starts a red envelope, envelopes, step back on duty subsidies, etc.Ordinary takeaway riders who stay in Xiamen during the Spring Festival can normally receive at least thousands of yuan in extra subsidies.In addition to rewards and subsidies, xiamen’s major distribution stations will also unite with trade unions and government departments at all levels to hold various takeaway riders to celebrate activities, so that the majority of takeaway riders can feel at ease in Xiamen to spend a “New Year” Spring Festival.