Hainan will focus on building itself into an innovation hub for land, sea and air science and technology

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Hainan will create “armed” science and technology innovation highland 20:09 feb 09, 2022 | source: small size People’s haikou feb 9 (Reuters) (Song Tongtong) on February 9, news office of hainan province held the free trade port in hainan provisions open innovation of science and technology (hereinafter referred to as “provisions”) policy press conference.It is reported that there are twenty articles in the Provisions.From set up the mechanism of open innovation system of science and technology, building diversified input mechanism, promote the development of innovation main body, ensure major scientific research infrastructure and technological innovation platform construction, build “armed” three high science and technology innovation, outstanding open innovation and the innovation of science and technology reform, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, encourage new technologies, new product specification to demonstrate the application and innovation of scene.Input is the primary guarantee for scientific and technological innovation.To this end, specific support measures are stipulated in the Regulations. First, the people’s governments of provinces, cities, counties and autonomous counties should establish coordination mechanisms, clarify their responsibilities, and incorporate science and technology opening and innovation into national economic and social development plans.Second, we will improve the mechanism for investing in scientific and technological innovation through multiple channels and at multiple levels, increase financial input in opening up and making innovations in science and technology, and effectively guide nongovernmental investment in opening up and making innovations in science and technology through financial aid, awards and subsidies.Third, guide domestic and foreign capital to provide financing support to science and technology enterprises and promote the development of science and technology finance entities;Fourth, we need to ensure that governments at all levels provide support for territorial and spatial planning, land supply, and the use of sea areas for opening up and innovation in science and technology.Several regulations mentioned that we should actively cultivate small and medium-sized enterprises of science and technology, high-tech enterprises and leading enterprises of science and technology;We will encourage the establishment of new types of RESEARCH and development institutions, provide support for the undertaking of science and technology plans, and grant full autonomy to new types of research and development institutions that adopt the post reporting system.We will encourage the establishment of science and technology service organizations and public service platforms to promote the development of science and technology services.In addition, to a small province hainan is science and education, but in the south FanZhong industry, deep, aerospace science and technology and other fields of science and technology with other provinces and cities don’t have the actual situation of the location advantage, resource advantage, the several provisions on the clear province and relevant cities and counties in the government, the park shall promote make south FanZhong industry highlands, deep sea science and technology, aerospace science and technology innovation, gather domestic and foreign scientific and technological innovation resources,A high starting point will promote scientific and technological innovation in Hainan.In order to create a hub for science and technology opening and cooperation, the regulations also specify: encourage provincial key industrial parks to set up international offshore innovation and entrepreneurship pilot zones, promote the transfer and commercialization of overseas scientific and technological achievements in Hainan free trade port, support multinational companies and overseas R&D institutions to set up R&D institutions and technology transfer centers in accordance with the law;On issues common to mankind such as climate change, major diseases and biodiversity conservation, scientific research institutions and researchers are encouraged to strengthen cooperation in supporting equipment, materials, samples and cross-border use of samples in accordance with the law.We will deepen reform of the systems and mechanisms for managing and providing services for international talent, implement a negative list management system for foreigners’ work permits, introduce market-based standards for identifying high-level foreign talent, and improve the system for hiring foreigners in public institutions.We will promote cooperation with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and provinces and cities with advanced science and technology innovation, and encourage various innovation entities in China to set up research institutes, R&D bases and bases for commercialization of achievements in key industrial parks.(Edited by: Liu Yang, Xi Xiuqin)