“Map” city no. 44 Middle School to carry out “Qingming Festival memorial activity”

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In order to commemorate the revolutionary martyrs and remember the martyrs’ great achievements, on the occasion of tomb-sweeping Day, the city no. 44 Middle School New Era Civilization Practice institute carried out “Tomb-sweeping Day Memorial activity”.On the afternoon of March 28th, students and teachers carried out the activity of “Qingming Festival memorial to the martyrs”.Activities around the theme of the festival, dig deep into the cultural connotation of qingming Festival, let teachers and students understand the folk customs of the festival, feel the charm of traditional culture.Teachers and students should inherit the glorious tradition of revolutionary martyrs and carry forward the national spirit.All the teachers and students looked solemn and expressed deep respect to the martyrs.Teachers and student representatives made speeches in the activities to express their grief and respect for the martyrs and express their determination and faith.The students said that we must study hard, study hard, inherit the glorious tradition of the older generation of revolutionaries, cherish today’s happy life;The teachers are determined to work hard, overcome difficulties and train more and better builders and successors for the motherland.In this activity, all the teachers and students of the school got a baptism of patriotism education, strengthened their sense of historical mission and national responsibility, and worked hard and studied hard to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Article/Photo/Zhang Qiuli April 2, 2022 Editor: Ma Zhihua