A bowl of noodles, a love

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Yu Guangzhong once wrote, “A wisp of homesickness, always competing with the east flow of the Yangtze River.”For me, that bowl of beef noodles evokes a sense of nostalgia for my hometown.Lanzhou people often say that there are three business cards in their hometown: a river — the Yellow River;A book — the Reader;A bowl of noodles — beef noodles.When I was a child, I went to a beef noodle restaurant with my parents. I saw a steaming bowl of beef noodle with a plate of beef in it. As soon as I sat down, I would pick up a chopstick of noodles and send them to my mouth.I looked at their eyes of this bowl of noodles, I could not help but swallow saliva.Father in the side said: “Lanzhou’s special breakfast is beef noodles, you look at the surface but some pay attention to: a clear two white three green four red five yellow (soup is clear, turnip is white, garlic sprouts are green, chili is red, noodles are peng gray yellow), need to cover all is a bowl of good noodles……”My father said like a storyteller, slurping noodles into his mouth.In the northwest of this land, beef noodles that natural aroma, and taste buds collide, the body out of a layer of hot sweat, just disperse the cold morning.As lanzhou people, eating beef noodles in the morning has become a habit, mountain climbing before a bowl, energetic;Go out to a bowl, energetic;A bowl before the exam, in good spirits.However, at the end of October last year, the epidemic completely disrupted this. I thought I could not eat beef noodles for only a few weeks, but I woke up one weekend, changed my clothes and prepared to eat beef noodles, only to find that the beef noodle restaurant had been closed and the community could not go out.The hand holding the change stopped in midair, and his heart seemed to miss a beat.At that moment, I realized that lanzhou people’s love for beef noodles is just like Wuhan people’s love for hot and dry noodles, Beijing people’s love for fried sauce noodles, and Xi ‘an people’s love for Biangbiang noodles. After more than 40 days of long waiting, the epidemic was finally over, and I couldn’t wait to rush to the beef noodle restaurant.There was already a long queue in the noodle shop, and although everyone was wearing masks, the joy in the heart could not be hidden.This is the love of beef noodles!Now, step lightly into the beef noodle shop.Took the receipt to the window, to the master said “two fine”, the master immediately shouted a: “Good!”Take out a noodle knot, knead it twice, stretch it out, pull it, overlap it again, and the noodle knot has the prototype of noodle.Then with the master’s broad arm swing a few times, the noodles on the fingertips like dancing, when it falls back to the chopping board, it is already slim jin Dao appearance.In a few minutes, the chef picks it up with his chopsticks and the noodles slide into the blue porcelain bowl. The chef stils the beef soup with a spoon, then pours the soup into the bowl, followed by several spoonfuls of diced meat, radish slices, garlic shoots, coriander and chili oil.A bowl of noodles is served to you.It is worthy of the “First Chinese side” of clear soup, white radish, green garlic and coriander, red pepper and yellow noodles.Even though the city is ever-changing, the surface of the city has never changed, nor have the people in this land. They are the soul of the golden City, like the water of the Yellow River, flowing in the blood of lanzhou people.Time in a hurry, years long, can not take away my warm memories, also can not take away its ancient charm.A bowl of noodles, a love.Some of the pictures are from the Internet, thanks to the author.Author: Liu Jiaxin Editor: Hai Bei ‘er # Winter food season # # Share a new life # # The Year of the Tiger has entertainment # # I want to micro headlines # # Lanzhou food # @micro headlines