Can you get a driver’s license without taking a test?Low end lies fall for it again

2022-06-15 0 By

With the increase in the difficulty of driving tests, some criminals seize the students’ fear of difficulties, claiming that they can get a driving license without the test, extending the black hand has made many people.Recently, the provincial public Security Department reclamation Area public Security Bureau on the detection of a fake driver’s license fraud case, arrested a criminal suspect.A few days ago, the provincial public Security Department reclamation Area Public Security Bureau Qiqihar Branch Keshan police station received an alarm from residents of the area, said its driving school wechat group met claimed to be able to apply for a driver’s license without an exam man Liu.However, Liu took the money but did not act, after months of driving license did not hear from the victim, only to realize that they had been cheated.Keshan police station immediately launched investigation, quickly obtained the suspect had appeared in zhaodong city information, and the first time liu mou arrested.After interrogation, Liu mou to its fraud 19 people, illegal income more than 60,000 yuan of criminal facts confessed.At present, the suspect has been taken criminal compulsory measures, the case is being further investigated.Police tip: do not believe any do not test can apply for a driving license lies, apply for a motor vehicle driving license must go through formal procedures, after the application to the vehicle management department, after the relevant training and examination to be issued a motor vehicle driving license.(Shi Shuangyue)