Min ‘an Sub-district Office has made great efforts to improve the living environment

2022-06-15 0 By

For further promote the living environment improvement, and constantly enhance the level of new living environment and create a clean and tidy, civilized and harmonious social environment, recently, the demonstration zone of cas street agency organization of volunteer service in new era civilization environment regulation practice, make net area environment, green up, light up, beauty, improve the jurisdiction of happiness and the acquisition masses.Keep sending strength, tree image.Continued in the main public places to carry out the work environment, party members and cadres enthusiasm to participate in actively, let the people see the government carry out the work of human settlement environment determination, strength, both lively and effectively promote the living environment, and enhance the publicity effect, promote the the people actively involved in residential environment renovation work, take the initiative to do care for the living environment,Do not pile up, throw down or build in disorder.Stick to the details.Concentrated on the comprehensive improvement of the living environment, the past to carry out the work of living environment found in the process of dead spots, small street advertising and other areas as a key area, focus on cleaning and remediation, continuous governance of the “six chaos”, carry out “six qing, realize the full coverage of the remediation action, leaving no dead spots, comprehensive improvement of the remediation effect.Strengthen supervision to ensure results.The commission for discipline Inspection of the office has made regular supervision and inspection of the results of the comprehensive renovation of the living environment, regular patrols of the communities under the jurisdiction, and the requirements of the “four up” target, immediately handed over rectification;For those that have been assigned but have not been rectified, supervise and urge the rectification to be in place immediately.