“Playground burial case” attorney Zhou Zhaocheng has formally accepted liu Xuezhou family entrusted

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“Justice may be late, but it will never be absent,” lawyer Zhou Zhaocheng posted on his microblog.Chow was the lawyer who represented the two high-profile cases of buried bodies in the playground and Yao Ce.It can be described as the incarnation of justice, Liu Xuezhou had to zhou lawyer for help, “I do not want to be bought and sold, do not want to be molested, I want to pick up the weapons of the law to protect themselves, you can help me get a statement?But not only to lawyer Zhou surprise, also let more attention to Liu Xuezhou netizens regret, Liu Xuezhou unexpectedly in such a way and we do farewell.When zhou lawyer decided to help Liu Xuezhou, turned around, is a lifetime.A 15-year-old sunshine teenager, because he found his biological parents, because he wanted to have a home of his own, but his parents shielded his contact information, and suffered Internet violence and died in Sanya beach.When Liu Xuezhou was 4 years old, his adoptive parents died in an explosion and both died. After that, he was taken care of by his grandmother and grandfather, and lived in the home of his uncle and aunt. Liu Xuezhou, 15, was really too eager to have parents’ love and care, and finally found his biological parents with the help of the police.I think, in that found his biological parents of that moment, Liu Xuezhou is the heart must be excited, is jubilant.But the reality is that he was sold by his parents when he was three months old, and his father married his mother with the three thousand yuan he sold.If one’s birth results in the love and marriage of his parents, he should be excited to see liu’s biological parents again.But it doesn’t seem to be.Otherwise, Liu Xuezhou will not move towards today everyone regret the dead end.Liu Xuezhou chose to end his life on the beach in Sanya.Doctors said the baby had no sense of survival.About Liu Xuezhou, need biological parents to sign to deal with, obviously, biological parents did not show up, just have the back of the deal with the aftermath of twists and turns.Regarding the mobile phone, it is reported that Liu Xuezhou used a xiaomi mobile phone, because the lock of the mobile phone is still to unlock, Xiaomi after-sales said, if forced to unlock the mobile phone, then the contents will be refreshed, nothing, but will contact the manufacturer again, processing and help.As for being molested, liu xuezhou mentioned that the teacher who molested himself in junior high school has also been investigated with the intervention of the local education department.Liu Xuezhou with “born light, also when also clean” completely ended his life.When many netizens spontaneously went to the seaside to mourn him, his biological parents did not appear.Justice has long arms.Now, Lawyer Zhou has accepted the commission of Liu Xuezhou’s family, formally accepted the Liu Xuezhou case, the net exposed Liu Xuezhou’s netizens, as well as once molested Liu Xuezhou’s black sheep, in the end does not constitute the crime of abandonment of the biological parents, will be subject to their investigation and punishment.Righteousness may be late, but never absent.It’s just, it’s too much to pay for justice with the life of a child!