(When improving quality and efficiency) Zhejiang Jinhua policy “heating up” to improve comprehensive efficiency

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This year, Jinhua Finance Bureau of Zhejiang province accurately and efficiently hit the policy of steady growth “combination fist”, with solid financial measures, positive financial policies, adequate financial security, further stabilize enterprises, increase kinetic energy, benefit people’s livelihood, prevent risks.We will expand effective investment projects and stabilize the economy.Jinhua Finance Bureau issued measures for the overall management and implementation of major urban construction projects, promoted the establishment of major construction project database, capital pool management mechanism and risk sharing mechanism, and strengthened the financial planning and coordination of major projects at the municipal level.The Finance Bureau and the National Development and Reform Commission took the lead in setting up a special class for special debt planning and reserve, implementing the “1+4” working mechanism, making breakthrough plans according to the division of responsibilities, and making full efforts to promote the work for bonds according to the established goals, striving to achieve a virtuous cycle of “one batch of mature, one batch of striving, one batch of landing”.On top of an increase of 3.314 billion yuan in special bonds this year, we applied for another 236 reserve projects involving 62.137 billion yuan, fulfilling 192% of the provincial target.We will take targeted measures to implement policies to reduce burdens and strengthen enterprises, and strengthen growth engines.Jinhua Finance Bureau, in accordance with the principle of “the first time + top priority”, has earnestly implemented various tax reduction and fee reduction policies such as suspension of local water conservancy construction fund and differential reduction and exemption of urban land use tax, so as to reduce the burden on market subjects.We will resolutely implement policies such as increasing the proportion of advance payments for government procurement contracts, increasing the share of government procurement projects reserved for small and medium-sized enterprises, and abolishing performance guarantees.In January, the municipal level procurement fund scale of 133 million yuan, small and medium-sized enterprises won 99.3 million yuan;The winning bid rate of small and medium-sized enterprises reached 74.72%, and the proportion of contract advance payment reached 40%, both of which were more than 10 percentage points higher than the same period last year.The top priority is to ensure that scientific and technological innovation drives development and create new engines for development.Jinhua city will give 2 million yuan and 5 million yuan to the supporting units for the construction of the first provincial or national key laboratory.To support key industrial technologies, the maximum subsidy for each active design project listed in the municipal science and technology plan is 5 million yuan, the maximum subsidy for each major R&D project is 1 million yuan, and the maximum subsidy for each key R&D project is 500,000 yuan.At the same time, we will actively implement policies on additional deductions for research and development expenses, preferential income tax for high-tech enterprises, and financing for science and technology enterprises.This year, the city is expected to invest 2.82 billion yuan in scientific and technological innovation, up 17.5% year on year.We will improve supporting mechanisms for ensuring stability, promoting stability, and promoting trade, and build a “grand pattern” of trade.Jinhua Finance Bureau improved the long-term financial guarantee mechanism of “Yixin Europe” freight train.In 2021, jinhua and Yiwu financial departments coordinated funds of 775 million yuan at all levels to ensure the regular operation of train trains, and 1,904 train trains ran in the whole year, with a year-on-year increase of 36.1%, ranking the third in China.The bureau issued a new round of international logistics support policies to support the development of sea-rail combined transport, container picking (returning) boxes, maritime shipping space booking and other businesses.For three consecutive years, we will carry out consumer voucher exchange activities with the Commerce Bureau and other departments. This year, 30 million yuan will be allocated in advance to issue consumer vouchers for “keeping gold and warming heart”, consumer vouchers for returning to work, and consumer vouchers for automobiles and home appliances, so as to fully activate the consumer market.We will raise standards for ensuring people’s wellbeing and show a new attitude toward common prosperity.The bureau supports the formulation of the implementation plan on promoting high-quality development and Building common Prosperity Demonstration Zones in the health sector (2021-2025) to promote the high-quality development of medical service capacity, traditional Chinese medicine and grassroots medical and health service capacity.We have promoted the “three exemptions and three benefits” campaign, and implemented the provincial-level public spending standards for compulsory education to a high standard. The average public spending per student for compulsory education in all counties, cities and districts has exceeded the provincial-level standard of 1,000 yuan, with all municipal districts exceeding 1,300 yuan.We will promote the promulgation of guidelines on accelerating the development of low-income rental housing, make every effort to ensure the construction of 30,000 low-income rental housing units in the urban area, and solve housing difficulties for related groups.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com