Why is Wang Shifu not the four masters of yuan Qu

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Wang Shifu is not the four masters of Yuan Qu because: Wang Shifu’s representative work is The Story of the Western Chamber, which is regarded as a yuan zaju, but not a sanqu. Besides, his other works are not very influential, so they cannot be named as “the four Masters of Yuan Qu”.1. Wang Shifu has written 14 kinds of plays, including three extant ones: The Story of the Western Chamber, The Beautiful Spring Hall and the Story of the Broken Kiln.”Breaking kiln” tells the story of Liu Yue-e and Lv Meng zheng, and “Tea Ship” and “Lotus Pavilion”, each with a copy of the song.2. The four masters of Yuan Opera refer to the four yuan dynasty drama writers, guan Hanqing, Bai Pu, Zheng Guangzu and Ma Zhiyuan respectively, without Wang Shifu.Because Wang Shifu’s works are too “colourful”, not recognized by the mainstream society at that time.Because what Wang Shifu wrote could not be regarded as an orthodox Yuan opera.Each copy of Yuan Qu is mainly composed of four folds, with additional wedges at the beginning or between them. Each fold is composed of beiqu divertimento and binbai with the same rhyme in the same palace tone.Such as Guan Hanqing “Dou E Yuan” and so on.It was popular in dadu (modern Beijing) area.The Ming and Qing dynasties also had zaju, but each book is not limited to 40% discount.Sanqu, popular in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties without white music form.The content is mainly lyrical, and there are two kinds of small orders and loose sets.