Yulin: charming camel city shine

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The three-dimensional road network is connected to the outside, the park green space flowers, the infrastructure is improving, the service function is gradually improving……In the past five years, yulin city has undergone earth-shaking changes. Yulin Municipal Party Committee and municipal government have made every effort to implement 270 projects in the central urban area, and the urban public service facilities, ecological livable level and road traffic environment have been expanded and improved.In addition, after the national health city, national forest city, provincial environmental protection model city and other honors into the embrace, Yulin city founded and to the national civilized city, national garden city, China livable city and other “national name” honor advance, strive to play yulin city construction strongest sound.In early spring, walking on the east city wall, overlooking the ancient city of Yulin, the scene of prosperity, and then feel the foot of the wall with a history of 600 years, can not help but sigh the long years.Yuxi River ecological corridor has become a “clocking place” for citizens’ recreation and fitness.Yulin is a national historical and cultural city with a protected area of 2.14 square kilometers.Yulin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attach great importance to the protection of Yulin Ancient City. Since 2018, it has completed the “Yulin Acropolis Protection Planning” and “Yulin Ancient City construction detailed Planning” and so on. According to the general idea of one wall, one street, one lane and one scene, the total investment has been completed by 2.002 billion yuan.Of this amount, 1.43 billion yuan was involved in the demolition and relocation of the east wall, 789 million yuan was involved in the demolition and relocation of the north Wall area, and 170 million yuan was involved in the project construction.To carry out the protection and construction work of Yulin ancient City is of great significance for Yulin to inherit and carry forward its history and culture, create a new window for opening to the outside world, demonstrate and promote the level of urban planning and construction management, and further explore a new way of high-quality development for the transformation and upgrading of resource-based cities.The protection of the ancient city is a model of yulin urban construction.In recent years, Yulin insists on positioning urban construction with the strategic vision of development, leading urban development with scientific planning, and carrying out urban construction with a bold and decisive approach.In from a city, on the third version of the overall urban planning of yulin city and famous historical and cultural city protection planning revision work, determined the “two axis double heart five groups” strip spatial pattern depended, urban land will extend to the west of ShenYan railway for the first time the southwest district, through the development of more business circle, play a central city of stronger radiation and driving function.Since then, and have started the fourth and fifth edition city of yulin city general planning revision work, realizing a complete coverage of the detailed planning, city center city framework further widening, to enhance the service function, improve infrastructure level significantly enhance the comprehensive carrying capacity of yulin city development in a high starting point plan and implements in the large-scale construction.By the end of 2021, the built-up area of Yulin urban area has reached 69.18 square kilometers, and the urbanization level has risen to 61.6%. Yulin is making great strides toward the goal of building the most influential city at the junction of Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Mongolia and Shanxi.Major projects to improve the quality of the city in recent days, Yulin “three museums” (museum, library, exhibition hall) construction site a hot and busy construction scene.As one of the key livelihood projects of Our city, the main body and secondary structure of the “Three Pavilions” project have been completed, 95% of the outdoor works have been completed, and the interior decoration is under way.”The library is expected to be renovated in the first half of this year, and the museum and exhibition hall are ready for the exhibition project.”Du Xuequan, head of the Project Department of “Three Museums” in Yulin city of Shaanxi Construction Group.The construction of the “three museums” project is an important action to make up the shortcomings of the public cultural construction in Yulin city, and also a milestone in the history of the development of Yulin city and the construction of municipal public cultural facilities.The built of commissioning will build up a display of citizens in the city historical and cultural landscape, rich cultural life, promoting the comprehensive platform of public happiness, create to all-round, multi-angle show yulin city glamour “city living room” and “urban business card of gold”, to build several jin border of the most influential city lay a solid foundation.The development of public service is an important part of the development of a city.Yulin city from the masses of the most realistic, the most urgent needs, strengthen the construction of natural gas, heating, water supply, sewage treatment, garbage treatment and other public facilities.So far, the implementation of the 70000 tons of water plant, sewage treatment plant and other 58 3 public infrastructure projects, the new sewers is 155 kilometers, 70 kilometers of water supply pipe, gas pipe network of 1400 kilometers, 200 kilometers, heating pipelines or networks, public facilities carrying capacity, for the city’s social stability, economic development, residents quality of life rising steadily provide a solid guarantee.The criss-crossing road and bridge network is the most basic frame of the urban body, and also the most direct embodiment of the rapid development of urban construction.In recent years, Yulin has successively built 51 projects such as the west section of north Road around the city, built 6 pedestrian Bridges, and opened 11 “dead-end roads”. The total mileage of urban roads reaches 557.84 kilometers, and the density of road network reaches 8.06 kilometers per square kilometer.The extensive network of roads and Bridges not only improves people’s travel conditions, but also effectively connects Dongsha Area, old city, Xisha area and high-tech zone, realizing interconnection and solving people’s transportation problems.In the past five years, Yulin city has continuously increased the intensity of urban construction, vigorously promoted the construction of urban ecological system, and created blue and green ecological space.During this period, we completed the compilation of the Special Plan for Ecological Governance of Urban System with high standards, built 6 comprehensive parks including yuxi River Ecological Corridor Ii, 26 community parks and street green space, and carried out greening and upgrading of 47 roads.The central urban area has 24.5738 million square meters of green space, with a green coverage rate of 37.05% and a green land rate of 34.36%, and a per capita park green space of 18.65 square meters.Recently, the reporter walked into yuyang district Pu Huiquan community area inside the tannery village, a red door grey wall archaize residential building building let a person shine at the moment.After the transformation of tannery community, and yulin ancient thick street, the overall style of one integrated body.The tannery community was built in 1995, with 104 households and many tenants. As there has been no property management, problems such as difficult parking for residents, dirty and poor environmental sanitation, and chaotic management order have become increasingly prominent.In July 2021, Puhuiquan Community carried out environmental sanitation improvement, wall courtyard solid color beautification and hardening and other micro governance.Now the tannery community has changed its old appearance, and residents praise it repeatedly.”After the transformation and upgrading, our community’s appearance, cultural activities, parking facilities and other more perfect, which brings benefits to the people, is real, real.”Gao Wang, a resident of the community, said.The change of tannery village benefits from the old village that our city starts to transform project.By the end of 2021, a total of 299 transformation plans have been applied for in the central urban area, of which 109 have been launched, including 19 in 2019, 28 in 2020 and 62 in 2021, involving a total of 21,862 households, 42 of which have been completed so far.In addition, Yulin city also issued “Yulin Affordable Housing to obtain complete property rights management measures” and other 7 systems, the city started 151,400 sets of affordable housing, urban shanty reconstruction started 61,500 sets, the central city began 13 shanty reconstruction projects, 10,600 sets of houses.Only with the continuous improvement of city quality can citizens have more sense of gain and happiness.Now, yulin streets of the old district “face” beautiful, step by step is the scene, “inside” reality, comfortable life, residents happiness and smile are written on the face.”Going forward, we will continue to make efforts to promote high-quality development of housing and construction work in accordance with the goals set in the 14th Five-Year Plan, focusing on building an efficient and convenient road system, building a high-quality urban ecosystem and vigorously improving public service capacity.”Li Shuping, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development, said that the central city will take the opportunity of holding the provincial 17 Games, vigorously implement the urban renewal action, constantly improve the quality of the city, and strive to build Yulin into a livable, green, resilient, intelligent and humanistic city, and build the most influential city in the region.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn