Chong super hope!Dalian people began training, many main team to stay, temporary coaching team appearance

2022-06-16 0 By

In February 2022, the overall picture of Chinese soccer is bleak.Not to say the national foot out of the first, even in the super platform is now the winter of the same cold: big foreign aid have gone about the same, the traditional team Dalian people also not careful relegation.Dalian’s demotion was a pity, and the team was once revealed to be facing the exit of investors, which made fans nervous.But now there is good news: Dalian began training, a number of main players stay in the team, while the temporary coaching staff also appeared.In the 2021 season, Dalian people did not play well in the CSL platform and were reduced to a play-off match with Chengdu Rongcheng for a ticket to the CSL. However, they failed to beat Chengdu and were relegated to the FIRST division.Then, there was the news that investors would not play, which suddenly put all the team’s partners on tenterdam.February 18, 2022, domestic reports, Dalian has begun to gather, many main players stay in the team, most of them will not leave, everyone also carried out systematic training together, all these make people see the hope.It is reported that most of the players are training with the exception of Tao Qianglong and Tong Lei, who are training with the national team.This time, dalian people’s training mainly focuses on physical fitness. The players are all doing various sports, and the players are also training in shooting, heading the ball and catching the ball.Data shows, although dalian people have “players supermarket” suspicion, but most of the players are in the hands of dalian team initiative.In addition, this training also announced the normal operation of dalian people information.It’s all very comforting.Dalian’s demotion is directly related to coach Jose, after all, as the team’s manager must be responsible for poor results.Needless to say, Jose certainly won’t be taking the team on again, and this time dalian’s temporary coaching staff also showed up.Zhou Ting, Sun Wei, Yu Ziqian and Liu Peng are the members of the temporary coaching team.Comparatively speaking, Zhou Ting is more famous. He used to be a national football player and had a good performance in the World Youth Championships, so he is more familiar to the outside world.In this dalian people’s training activities, Lin Liangming, Shan Huanhuan 2 young players have made an official appearance.Lin Liangming has been in the Real Madrid echelon team to stay abroad for a period of time, and then return to China is also everyone’s expectations.In the 2021 season, Kobayashi had a good performance with 6 goals and 1 assist in 16 games for Dalian.Shan Huanhuan is also very young, with a quasi – national level, can play in Dalian for a long time.Now they stay in the team also let Dalian a bit more comfort, after all, the value of the local young striker is higher than the temporary hire of foreign aid.Zhao Xuri, Zheng Long such old players are also training with the team.Lao Zhao had amazing performance in the world youth games, was also selected to lippi national football team, long-range shooting ability is very strong.Although Zhao Xuri has reached the end of his career, but he is more like a team soul for Dalian team.Zheng Long will be suspended for a period of time due to suspension.But the presence of these owners must be a boost for the team, as they can help lift the morale of the depressed dalian people.A few years ago, Dalian was also one of the most famous clubs in the Chinese Super League. They also signed Atletico Madrid striker Carrasco, who scored 24 goals and 18 assists in 52 games.Now dalian people have assembled, the team atmosphere is very good, I believe that the war will win, Dalian people have the hope of exceeding.