How about Beijing Tmall customer service outsourcing?From the current situation of customer service outsourcing is not the trend?

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With the rapid development of e-commerce industry, the market demand for customer service is increasing.Although the threshold of customer service is low, but the real professional customer service personnel are not many, generally hired customer service is the owner of the later period of continuous training, but many owners are also exploring, and not very clear platform rules, so this time many owners will choose customer service outsourcing to help themselves.Some people say that customer service outsourcing is an inevitable trend, but some people still don’t know why so many shops or enterprises choose to choose customer service outsourcing.1. With the rapid development of e-commerce, talent supply is in short supply, which gives rise to various industries such as “operation outsourcing”, “art outsourcing” and customer service outsourcing. Therefore, talent shortage is an important reason for the development of customer service.2. For the shortage of personnel, especially in seasonal and promotional holidays, it is often unrealistic to recruit and cultivate new employees in a short time, which will consume a lot of time and money.For events such as 618 and Double 11, shops that are not very popular in normal times will be in full swing during these events.Consulting volume, order volume and so on May reach the usual several times, at this time the business can not, when the activity of a large number of people, after the activity will be laid off, then choose to outsource customer service at this time, the problem will be solved.The customer service outsourcing service is also flexible. In peak season or holidays, the company can choose outsourcing service. In off-season, the company can serve itself if it is too busy, which saves a lot of time and cost.3. No matter the business is in first-tier cities or small counties, its customers are all facing the whole country.Page vision can lag, but service must be guaranteed.Most businesses are relying on the source of goods, for customer service training management is not a special understanding.Customer service is a direct service to customers, the professional degree of customer service can be said to be an important factor affecting business sales.The customer service staff of outsourcing companies are professional enough, and they can only work after professional training and finally passing the test.4. Cost is also a big problem. If it is a first-tier and second-tier city, the cost of customer service is very high, such as the salary, insurance, food, housing and subsidies of customer service staff.Therefore, from the above points, xiaobian believes that customer service outsourcing is indeed the trend.If you want to know more, or you are looking for such an excellent customer service outsourcing company, you can pay attention to Shanghai Wangmeng Network Technology Co., LTD., Shanghai Wangmeng was founded in September 2011.Over the years, we have focused on providing e-commerce enterprises with customer service outsourcing, customer service training, management outsourcing, management consulting and software systems and a series of services of e-commerce customer service overall solutions.