In the year of the Tiger, fenggang Court was full of vitality on the first day of construction.

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2022 Auspicious year of the Tiger to congratulate the New Year golden ox bravely farewell to the old year, The Tiger snow to herald spring.On the morning of February 7, fenggang Court was busy again amid the greetings of “Happy New Year”.At 9:10 a.m., in the no.1 courtroom, guan Haixia, the head of the criminal court as the presiding judge, sounded the first hammer of the New Year and opened a trial of a dangerous driving case.Trial procedures, clear thinking, interlocking, relaxation degree, the case successfully completed.Li Hui, chief judge of the Yichuan People’s Court, successfully mediated a divorce dispute in the afternoon in the yichuan court.Police officers from other business departments and comprehensive departments of Fenggang Court also arrived on time and threw themselves into their work with a new look and full of enthusiasm.With the Winter Olympics in full swing, this spring is particularly exciting.In the New Year, the police of Fenggang Court will continue to promote the high-quality development of Fenggang economy and welcome the 20th victory of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements with their vigorous and energetic spirit.