“Madame She…”Two ye holding the bones of the eyes lax, gently coax “small soft guai”

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Hello everyone!The boundless huge crowd we meet, small make up is a senior novel amateur, has ten years of age oh, also want to share with you a beautiful novel ~ indefinite will update all kinds of ancient words every day, abuse, pets, books, military and other different types of fiction, from your appearance especially, America laguna handsome, little brother little sister if like to try some praise and attention oh!Introduction: Huo Ziyu slowly gets up and looks at her surprised expression and reaction. She smiles at the corners of her mouth, “It seems that…I was right.”Yunyao pretended to be calm and denied, “What did you guess right?Nonsense.”His eyes were as clear as electricity. He smiled and said, “I guess…, you were sent to the bed, is actually bai Jinfang secretly sent people to do.Because she betrayed the prince first, she wanted to make it appear that the prince had cheated on her first, and then coerced the prince into marrying her immediately.””What are you talking about?!Don’t talk nonsense.”Yunyao looked around, worried that someone might chuckle. “You know better than I whether it’s nonsense.”Huo Ziyu smiled. He had already got the answer he wanted and had no time to linger. He stuffed the sweet-scented osmanthus cake into his hand.”Here you go.”Huo Ziyu jumped into the carriage and left immediately.(click below to read for free) the second: “Jun Pour beauty tears” introduction: Nine xi chaos war, min float the world smoke sorrow and joy.The world of mortals past, dongfeng Lisao mo ecstasy.This is the daughter of the wind Ling Prime minister, green green, Envy envy.It is destiny is embarrassed however, battle of a cloud changes, let her become the minister of rupp country, more became the victim below the interest of power horizontal.The two countries make love, she has a mission, farewell indifferent old capital came to his side.She bear, let him trampled down his dignity, she hate because do not love, but again and again of entanglement, the end is to let her already sink.Exciting Content: Yecheng North Street tonight people are gradually disappearing, the river lights on both sides are somewhat scattered, only Murong House is brightly lit, shengqingda plaque is built, and the two rare stones at the front gate are looking up and roaring, which symbolizes the wealth and honour today.House courtyard terrace xuan xie, pearl red corrugated tile is overflowing out of the gas of joy.The long corridor was bustling with maids and maids, each carrying exquisite precious stones and damask for clothes…Before the water chestnut mirror, Murong ruoxun Qing light makeup slightly dai, three thousand jade silk hair down to the waist, dark floating ying Ying Dou xiang, the light emei, high ting of the bridge of the nose, cherry small mouth is not red and red, good a beautiful face.Murong ruqing looked at the red purple clothes on the sandalwood frame, but her eyes were very sad and empty. The phoenix embroidery on the purple clothes was lifelike, and the double dance was soft, just like heaven.The phoenix?Even if the phoenix and how, imprisoned in riches and honor, but also died in thin cool, ruqing began to touch the above silk, her fate will be so?(click below free reading) the third: “royal happy event: the emperor to close from” introduction: other people’s home through the fight alone, our home through are group struggle!The childhood sweethearts of other people’s home are liangxiaomao, the emperor of our home will be sorcery!The empress of other people’s house is palace fight curtigate fight, the empress of our house is kill kill kill!Other people’s emperors and queens are harmonized!Interesting content: It was quick to do so. With her own reflection, Wei Luo drew drawings and prepared materials, and quickly created the strange objects in her mind.When finished, Wei Luo looked at some rare treasures on the table with satisfaction.”Ruby!Wan cloud!”Willow called out of the door.Soon Hong Yu and Yun Wan appeared in the room, gasping for air as if they had just run.”Miss!Are you going out at last?”Hong Yu asked excitedly.”Well, out of the customs, come and have a look, I promised you, the first one you see lively.”Willow spread out her hand and pointed to the objects on the table.”This is…What……”Hong Yu looked at Yun Wan, yun Wan is also a face of doubt.(Click below to read it for free) That’s all for today’s recommendation. I’m looking forward to your comments and likes!The encouragement of small brothers and sisters to small make up is the biggest power oh!