Paid enlistment is a good policy!If you join the army after you have a job, your monthly salary will be paid as usual

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With make up military policy and Shanghai recently announced that it would further in some regions and some enterprises pilot school-age youth “paid to army” and “take Ed to army” paid to army refers to have mount guard youth take wages enlisted to take make up army refers to the graduates to carry out the jobs later retired army post previously paid to army are mostly small cities such as get a flatCity in the second half of 2021 draft announced that public officials enlisted in the army for compulsory military service keep office as a grassroots work experience during the plan hair is basic wages are paid to army policy incentives zhangping yun-xiang Chen xinmin elementary school teachers conscripts ▼ liaoning panjin also enlisted in 2020 paid policy coordination local businesses to sign the contract of choose and employ persons subject to compulsory military service during basic employees monthlyEndowment as usual family benefits distribution families enjoy employees new Hyde group held in September of 2020 college graduates paid to army signing ceremony ▼ and now as the first-tier cities of Shanghai began to pilot paid its demonstration effect will be quite an enlistment in March 2021, Shanghai university recruits to ▼ paid to army, with the army better able to encourage highly educated high-quality young joined the army but the otherForces on the one hand how to retain the talent will be another concern of this paper draft is the starting point, but by no means the end to the serviceman security good, placed the veterans good form long-term comparative advantage can truly serving for army modernization development talent reserve sources: veterans affairs bureau, Shanghai fujian conscription, zhangping media center