Spring, don’t let go of this dish, plant fiber, a few times a week to help digestion

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During the Spring Festival to eat, almost every meal is big fish meat, fried food is not a lot to eat, a lot of people have this feeling, the stomach was eaten very “greasy”, always feel indigestible, on the table.Like to pick vegetables or fresh solution greasy salad to eat.In February, lettuce legitimate season, salad, fried food, pickling can be rich in nutrients, low fat, water, contains a lot of plant fiber, can help digestion, during the Chinese New Year to the vegetable market or supermarket to buy vegetables, don’t miss the encounter lettuce.Lettuce price is not expensive, spend a few dollars to buy a root, can cool a large plate.In the salad lettuce silk, should pay attention to several steps, can very well remove the bitterness and “fishy taste” of lettuce, and crisp, quite delicious, greasy food to eat more, insist on eating some lettuce, help digestion is too useful.Salad ingredients needed for lettuce: lettuce, garlic, vinegar, soy sauce, chicken essence, salt, sugar, chili oil, sesame oil, sesame seed 1, buy lettuce choose relatively heavy fresh lettuce, not easy to appear the hollow, buy picked the lettuce leaves, use a knife to cut the remaining lettuce stem into two or three parts, and cut into segments and then cut to the outside of lettuce, been to skin after rinse off with clear water.2, wash clean lettuce into thin threads, don’t bother or like to eat some thick lettuce silk, you can choose to use a knife to cut lettuce silk.3, brushed silk lettuce into a clean basin, add a spoonful of salt for 10 minutes or so, kill part of the water in the silk lettuce, also can lettuce in the “fishy taste” and the slight bitterness to remove, 10 minutes after the basin pickled water poured out.4, the excess water poured out, basin access to the right amount of water and then soak for 10 minutes, let lettuce silk to absorb enough water, keep the crisp taste.Lettuce fillet fully absorb the water with a sieve out, and control the water.5, sauce: take 3 to 4 garlic peel off the tail, pat with the knife, into the garlic pull device into a small bowl, bowl and then add a spoonful of salt, a spoonful of light soy sauce, two spoonfuls of white vinegar, a spoonful of sugar and half a spoonful of chicken essence to taste, stir well.6, will adjust the sauce into the lettuce silk stir evenly, put two spoons of chili oil and a spoon of sesame oil, don’t like to eat spicy can not put, mix well again into the plate, sprinkled with peanuts and black sesame seed decoration, fresh and refreshing lettuce silk is done.Old well said – choose good lettuce is to ensure that one of the reasons for the crisp taste of lettuce silk, share three ways to choose lettuce: 1, the choice of lettuce leaves for fresh green is the best, such lettuce water more good taste, if the leaves dry yellow withered do not buy.2, remember to hold the rod before buying lettuce, not fresh rod is soft, fresh is very tall and straight, but also very heavy.3, remember to look at the cross-section of lettuce, lettuce is divided into thin skin and thick skin, thin skin and meat is very clear, can eat more lettuce meat is also more crispy.After the above three ways to identify and buy, you can buy fresh and crisp lettuce, it is not easy to encounter hollow lettuce.# this is the flavor of the New Year # I am the market foraging record, and the world for many years, still glorious, still full of interest!Daily update food menu and market life, pay attention to me, enjoy comfortable life do not get lost.