Why did Wonder and Dumb Kids get such good reviews?

2022-06-16 0 By

The key to the film’s success is that it doesn’t conform to conventional conventions.Little sister Jing Tong has congenital heart disease to need to become an operation, elder brother Jing Hao gets an opportunity, think beautiful life is about to come originally, encounter unexpectedly however heavy hit.These “traumas” are supposed to provide a lot of pathos for the story: the protagonist is down and out, desperate, crying?But “Wonder Stupid” doesn’t do that. It doesn’t magnify tragedy.On the contrary, even during the low times, the two siblings have a loving way of getting along.And this kind of “love” is not my brother Gyeong-ho alone.On the contrary, Jinghao is often in the atmosphere of being spoiled by his sister.For example, the younger sister will help the elder brother to apply medicine, and will say to him like a little adult: I will take care of you.Surprisingly, As a tender drama, “Miracle · Stupid Kids” does not have the so-called “holding each other’s eyes to tears” deliberately tear.Its “loving” has always been sunny and full of positive energy.Even if it is in the whirlpool of life, also do not give up, and strive to live a warm life.This is probably one of the reasons why Wonder Dumb Kids has been so well received.