Will the iPhone13 flip over?

2022-06-16 0 By

A netizen bought the iPhone13 with tens of billions of yuan of subsidies on the Internet, but saw many cases of overturned cars on the Internet, and wanted me to help check whether he had overturned cars.GSX test with the serial number of this iPhone shows that it is a 128G iPhone13 and the activation date is February 13, which is exactly the date that the user activated the machine after receiving it. Therefore, it can be confirmed that it is a brand new machine and basically did not turn over.You can see that the iPhone of this model and specification is 500 to 600 yuan cheaper than the official website. Many people will think that since the machine is no different, they will simply save the 500 to 600 yuan.But the fact is that the iPhone, which is not subsidised by billions of dollars, doesn’t always crash.There are also a lot of rollover cases on the Internet. Most of them are found to have some slight defects on the appearance of the machine after getting it, and it is not an official channel. After unpacking, it is not supported to return the car within 7 days without any reason.It will also be stated in the purchase instructions on the details page that logistics will not accept any problem found after signing for it.So billions of subsidies iPhone while most are no problem, but must be careful when buying or, after receiving the Courier haven’t sign for it before, it is best to first check the serial number, GSX confirmation is the brand-new inactive machines and then to seize, carefully opened it and check the machine appearance for any defects, to make sure there is no problem to sign for express.If it is not at ease, the whole process of unpacking and checking the machine can also be recorded on video.