Dalian seafood, out of the ring

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The hilarious seafood goodies for Chinese New Year market sales into the peak dalian seafood were state-run media attention on the economic daily this year different suit dalian seafood products new change appears sales lead local seafood entity sales online sales booming online sales exception when it meets cold fire “suit products enter the peak near the Spring Festival, seafood, especially online sales very hot.”Sun Gang is the chairman of a company. He has been dealing with seafood products for more than 10 years. In this winter’s seafood sales season, he asked the company to prepare 10,000 boxes of seafood products.”At the end of December 2021, an out-of-town customer contacted the company through an online platform and asked to place a one-off order for 6,000 cases of seafood sets.This put us in a difficult position: we had very little stock left and it was too late to improvise a supply to make the seafood gift boxes.””I didn’t expect the market to be so demanding,” Mr. Sun said.Another company in Dalian also sells its products online.”So far, our company has sold nearly 200,000 cases of seafood sets, up nearly 40% from the same period last year, especially with strong online sales growth.”Li Xingjun, general manager of the company, introduced that this winter sales season, the company’s seafood gift box online sales accounted for about 40%, a significant increase compared with the same period last year.Wang Zhiqiang, a livestreaming artist, has also been busy selling seafood sets recently.”I started selling Dalian seafood gift boxes in December last year, and now it’s officially the busiest time. There are a lot of express orders sent every day, and I’m often so busy that I can’t eat.”Wang Zhiqiang used to be a traditional wholesaler of seafood gift boxes. In the past, all shipping channels were offline. In the past two years, wang Zhiqiang has actively expanded online sales.Different from the hot online sales situation, the reporter learned from dalian many seafood set product sales entity store, following the decline in sales in the winter of 2020 to 2021, the current offline entity store sales hit a new low.”Now, seafood sets are mainly for personal consumption, and the cost of local seafood, packaging and labor continues to rise, so it is difficult to do business through offline channels.”The Song Yue that ever sells dalian seafood for a long time set this year transformation made cooked food product set.According to his introduction, many peers around this year or to online management, or directly choose to change.Why does local seafood play a leading role in online sales of seafood package products go against the trend?The impact of the epidemic is an important reason.”The epidemic has changed consumers’ buying habits, making online shopping, which effectively avoids gathering and contact, a safer and preferred way to buy.”According to Sun Gang, with the improvement of supporting conditions such as payment and logistics, online consumption experience is constantly improving, which lays a foundation for the online sales of seafood set products.”Since this year, Dalian seafood online sales are better, I think mainly due to the steady improvement of dalian seafood visibility in recent years, more and more consumers know Dalian seafood, want to taste Dalian seafood.”Deng Entang, executive vice president of Dalian Food Industry Association, said that online sales channels should be constantly opened to allow Dalian seafood and Dalian seafood package products into a broader market and serve more consumers.In addition, affected by the epidemic, the “content” of dalian seafood package products has changed this year.In previous years, more than 50 percent of the seafood gift packages were imported seafood, but this year, local seafood became the main product in Dalian’s seafood package.For example, Bohai Bay knife fish, Dalian wild yellow croaker, Dalian Oriental prawn, Dalian wild Spanish mackerel, Dalian oyster, Dalian scallop, Dalian shellfish, Dalian sea cucumber, etc., have become the “leading role” of the set.”This year, dalian seafood sets are mainly local seafood, so the cost has risen by nearly 30 percent, but many manufacturers choose to bear the cost themselves and keep the selling price unchanged.”Li Xingjun said.In his opinion, it is more important to stabilize sales channels, maintain market share and reward customers to improve reputation than to make money.Suit combination individuation has the selling method of line line, the characteristic on line line.The reporter noticed that, for better docking online consumption new trend, Dalian seafood set from guest unit price to product structure have been adjusted.”200 to 300 yuan sets of seafood products sell best on online channels, so we made targeted adjustments to put 8 to 10 kinds of seafood into this kind of affordable seafood gift box, to ensure a rich variety, but each quantity is not much, mainly to meet the needs of online consumers to experience, taste fresh.”Wang zhiqiang said.He said the main price of seafood sets sold in offline channels is 500 yuan to 800 yuan per box, which is not suitable for online sales.”This year, we specially developed many single-item seafood gift boxes, such as wild corvina set products, which are cheaper and more suitable for online sales.”We have also upgraded our online seafood packages to make them smaller and more personalized, and the seafood in the boxes is more affordable.”In Li xingjun’s eyes, online seafood gift boxes have gradually evolved into a “new species”.In addition to the changes in content and form, dalian seafood gift box brand manufacturers have also adjusted and upgraded their marketing team and after-sales support.”This year, some seafood gift box suppliers in Dalian set up a marketing team familiar with new retail, especially online sales experience;Some have set up logistics points across the country to improve the quality of seafood gift box after-sales service.”Industry insiders say these measures are all upgrades in the supply sector to meet the onslaught of online consumption.Deng Entang, who has been paying close attention to the development of Dalian seafood set products, believes that the popularity of Dalian seafood set products is not reduced because of the epidemic and other factors, and it is still the preferred choice for many domestic consumers to buy Spring Festival goods during the Spring Festival.Deng Entang said, as an important name card of Dalian city, “Dalian seafood” with the help of online sales platform to go to the national pace is accelerating;At the same time, the commodity form of Dalian seafood is more diversified, more practical and close, gradually integrating the culture of New Year’s Eve dinner, becoming a new highlight on the dinner table.Dalian Food Industry Association estimates that the current sales scale of Dalian seafood set has reached billions of yuan.”In the future, dalian’s seafood industry is expected to reach a scale of 100 billion yuan, among which the sales scale of seafood sets can reach tens of billions of yuan, and online sales will account for half.”Dunndon said.Danguan News Dalian news media 1701 original content public number this article micro letter by danguan news editor production source: Economic Daily picture: Dalian News Media Group reporter Wang Hua editor: Su Xin, Xiaoyu art editor: Qiuju collation: Wei Hong Rector: Qiuju