The Ministry of Education and other five departments issued guidelines to standardize the teaching management of online open courses in colleges and universities

2022-06-17 0 By

To regulate online open courses in colleges and universities teaching management, the Ministry of Education and other five department recently issued by the “opinions”, clear is online open courses teaching management in colleges and universities, the main responsibility of the standard course selection, teaching, assessment, supervision and credit authentication management system, such as online open courses should be brought into the daily teaching management, online and offline course management and requirements.The guideline makes it clear that open online courses with outdated content and poor service quality should not be selected.The selected open online courses should be staffed with course responsibility teachers.To strict assessment and evaluation management, in the examination through face recognition, double machine and other technical means to strengthen the examination supervision.Moocs should not be solely entrusted to third parties such as online course platforms.It is strictly forbidden to lend personal study account to others. Relevant departments shall investigate the legal responsibility of students who participate in the organization of “brushing”, “substituting”, “brushing” and “substituting” and commit illegal acts. It is strictly forbidden to spread the content and answers of the course examination in any form.Once the violation of discipline is confirmed, the university where the student is involved will cancel the course score according to the regulations, and give corresponding punishments such as warning, serious warning, demerit recording, detention, and expulsion according to the circumstances, and record them in the student archives.