Beimu is very hate to compare with others, one breath mentioned 124 paragraph, jie can be completely taken

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Although Beimu mentioned in the live broadcast that he hated to be compared with others, he elevated the fight wild to 124, which can not be refused by Jie.Although still only 109 section at present, but his wild heroes are all relatively cold, but also the use of some wizards playing wild, fans known as “the underworld ancestor”!Play wild several big anchors, the strongest technology or jie, micro cool and beimu a few people, micro cool long hegemony list peak game first, but Jie and Beimu play wild paragraph is basically the highest network.But the constant comparisons from fans have irked Beimo, who said on air that he doesn’t like comparing himself to others at all.Even so, but beimu’s field ability has been improving.He kept the first 120 segments for a few months, but after discovering kejie reached 123 segments, Beimu actually improved four segments within a month, surpassing Kejie and becoming the first player in China again.But Jay himself is also very strong, but this time he may not accept.On the contrary, he did not and can be jie they direct competition, but this time he played wild segment promotion is also very fast, is now 109 wild king, national service ranking is also in the forefront.But for the king of 100 duan Wild, fans are also the most ridicule, because his war hero is not the mainstream, so they call him “the underworld originator”.These days, lonely found Yang Yuhuan wild is also very strong, he also began to sprint Yang Yuhuan’s national service, just the hero these days out of new skin, often use her on lonely points.At present, Silent has rushed into the top 100 of peak competition in Q area, and has begun to sprint to the top 10.Personal point of view: The silent hero playing wild is quite strange in everyone’s eyes. According to ordinary people’s consciousness, the division playing wild is not mainstream.But Silence has shown everyone that the hero who suits you is the best.Still has used the mage playing wild played a lot of brilliant record, prove that the hero’s influence is really not big.