Luo Shibin cause of death was revealed, accidentally exposed Zhou Cong true background, Zhou Bingkun: with what!

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That year speculation and arrested in prison water and Luo Shibin finally released, restored freedom.Two people make the nuggets to the forefront of reform and opening to the outside shenzhen, do his old job being business, made discontent, who see LuoShiBin calls have to Locke, always at the beginning of a peddler don not fit LuoShiBin grandiloquence, from the younger brother to the eldest brother, all the way is drift from place to place, may culminate in their own destiny, god let LuoShiBin make a rich and powerful,But this extravagant wealth has changed a Luo Shibin infertility, the wealth of the country let Luo Shibin to who?Reasoning, let LuoShiBin thought he has a son, the child should not come to the world, if not Zheng Juan, I’m afraid themselves in this life all alone, LuoShiBin return home after request Zheng Juan give their children back to himself, in Beijing and he is indivisible blood relationship, between two people can’t be separated, more can’t send their children to others,More can’t let him ask Zhou Bingkun shouted dad for no reason, plus their own created such a strong business empire, Zheng Nan does not inherit, then who?This message let Zhou Bingkun accidentally learned that, in Zhou Bingkun view, LuoShiBin early to late don’t come, not to wait until can not have children of your own, this is let Zhou Bingkun spirit not dozen 1 come, two people in the process of the dispute, LuoShiBin unexpectedly also be pushed down the stairs become a vegetative state, it is also for this place, let LuoShiBin thoroughly is always lay down on the photon.To outsiders, LuoShiBin death and Zhou Bingkun have inseparable connection, it is not the case, to know Zhou Bingkun back is in order to be able to take in, Zheng Juan won’t leave the child in his nature, thus Zheng Juan know Zhou Bingkun now is rich, hands naturally in a son, and in a walk, how outsiders see Lao zhou home,Zhou Bingkun is completely can not lift the head, zhou Nan if follow, certainly will not come back, not to recognize Zhou Bingkun this dad.If want to take in, the premise is to bring Zhou Cong together, the two brothers together will also have a good care of, this makes Zhou Bingkun spirit not dozen 1 come, with what their children want to be someone else’s son, and his little son also sent, actually Zhou Cong poor as in knowledge and ability, even said that even more intelligent than in Beijing, this let LuoShiBin disagree!If you have any unique insights, please leave a comment in the comments section. Xiaobian will talk about analysis with you!This article is the author’s original, unauthorized plagiarism is strictly prohibited, offenders will investigate!