Olympic champion Sun Yiwan to Liu Jiayu learning skiing, on multiple groups of Sun Yiwan fashion photo

2022-06-18 0 By

With the Beijing Winter Olympic Games underway, skiing, skating, ice hockey and other sports related to the Winter Olympic Games have attracted people’s attention and love, and even other athletes have begun to learn these winter sports.Recently, Tokyo Olympic champion Sun Yiwan, who has not been seen for some time, appeared in a special event about the Winter Olympics hosted by Duan Xuan, learning snowboarding from Liu Jiayu.Sun Asked Liu Jiayu, how to protect themselves when they fall down when skiing?Liu Jiayu answered that skiing should do a good job of turning time and timing grasp, if you can not touch the ground with both hands when falling, easy to cause wrist injury.Don’t be afraid when skiing, the more afraid the more likely to fall.Liu Jiayu also reminded Sun Yiwen to practice skiing must take good protection.In the Tokyo Olympic Games, we witnessed the “swordswoman” Sun Yanyi in fencing arena, she beat her opponent in the “decisive sword”, won the first Olympic gold medal for The Chinese women’s epee individual event, not only for the country, but also for himself.Before the Tokyo Olympics, sun Was being chased by fashion magazines for her good looks and height.And after winning the gold medal in Tokyo Olympic Games, Sun One article becomes fashionable session more beloved.She is not only tall and beautiful, but also her sharp eyes and elegant temperament.The vogue photo that comes much group Sun one article to photograph for vogue magazine below.Diablo department of interpretation: xia style: sunshine beauty: handsome: fairy: also can be like the girl next door:The author will update sports articles in a timely manner, welcome to like me.